Minbie Baby Bottle Review

I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding. Weather it be from a breast or from a bottle. Many moms need to work outside of their home and this means baby needs a bottle. We all want baby to transition easily and seamlessly from breast to bottle and back to breast. Minbie is a baby bottle that has a different design that strives to help transition from breast to bottle and back to breast.


The Minbie baby bottle’s teat was designed to support baby’s instinctive need to nurse. The Minbie teat has a slanted nipple which is meant to help transition between the breast and the bottle. Minbie is great for bottle fed only babies as well. Minbie claims to provide a high quality feeding experience that nurtures the baby’s natural jaw and feeding development. This feeding action releases the baby’s digestive enzymes which helps with better sleep between feeds. Minbie helps create a sustainable latch and good venting lessening colic and allows baby to control the feed rate much like the breast. 

Minbie is unique in that you can purchase the bottle and teat together or the bottle and teat separately. The Minbie teat does fit in bottles with an Outer Diameter of 49.5 – 50.5mm. You can purchase the teat and use it in your favorite bottle. Minbie teats come in their own container, which is very nice! This allows me to store my Minbie teats safely while not in use.

You can purchase your Minbie online for $13.99. Minbie does offer different teats with different flow. You can purchase a bottle without a teat for $6.99 and purchase a 2 pack of teats for $13.99. Mibie also has the option of a glass bottle for $6.99. You receive free shipping when you purchase more than three items!


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