Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Review and Promo Code

I am paranoid something will happen to my babies when they sleep. I have to have a monitor in their room, I have to know what is happening. For parents who are like me, Mimo is the perfect baby monitor! Mimo is a sensor that tells you how baby is breathing, their activity level, their sleeping temperature, their body position (tummy, back, side) and if they are asleep or awake. Mimo also gives you alerts and a nightly report on how your baby slept. Pretty neat!


I must warn you now, this is a lengthy review. Here is a short and sweet version. Mimo is a totally cool kimono, or onsie, that baby wears. A turtle and lilypad complete the kimono. Turtle goes on the kimono and gathers data from the sensors on the kimono then transfers it via bluetooth to the lilypad. The lilypad then sends it to your phone or tablet via the internet. With Mimo you can see your baby’s breathing pattern, sleep position, body temperature and if baby is awake or asleep. You can also listen to your baby’s surroundings using Mimo. Mimo can send you alerts if baby’s breathing or body position change and when baby wakes up. Mimo also graphs your baby’s sleeping pattern and behavior and saves it for you to view. AWESOME! If you want the full version, continue reading.

The Mimo system is comprised of an organic kimono, a turtle (low power bluetooth transmitter), a lily pad (charger and base station), a usb cable and wall charger and an app. The kimono is a washable (can be washed on cold and tumble dry low), wearable sensor. The Mimo kimono has two green stripes on it. Inside these stripes are thin sensors that gather the information that is sent to your phone or tablet. The turtle has an accelerometer inside, which detects motion and baby’s position, and a respiration sensor clip, which gathers the data from the sensors on the kimono. The turtle is what sends the information to the lily pad via bluetooth. The lilypad is a microphone so you can listen to baby and a charging station where the turtle goes to charge. Inside of the lilypad there is a WiFi module that transmits the information it receives from the turtle to your phone or table through the internet.

Using Mimo is easy! First the kimono goes on baby. The kimono can go directly on baby, under pajamas or on top of a layer. Next the turtle goes on the kimono. It is suggested to put the kimono on baby in the same room where the lilypad and turtle are. This makes sure the connection between the lilypad and turtle is never interrupted. The lilypad needs to be plugged in at all times to receive and transmit the information its getting from the turtle to your phone or tablet. Once the turtle is on the kimono you will start to see the information on your phone or tablet.

You do need to instal a free app on your phone or tablet to be able to use Mimo. The Mimo app is super easy to set up. Make sure the lilypad is plugged in and the turtle is on the lilypad. Place your turtle on its lilypad and open the app. The app then walks you through the set up. Once your lilypad and turtle are set up you have the option of customizing your turtle. You can change your name, birthday, sex and your notifications. Mimo will send you notifications based on your settings. The options for notification are for breathing, temperature, activity and position. For positions you can customize the app to alert you when baby is upright, on their back, stomach or side.

The lilypad should be within 5 feet of your sleeping baby. For twins it is recommended to put the lilypad in between their cribs or bassinets. Mimo works well with co sleeping babies as well. Everyone knows back to sleep is best, but when baby is old enough to confidently roll over from back to belly and back to back, Mimo gives me the extra confidence I need to let my baby stay on her tummy.

Lets talk about the alerts. First, you must make sure your phone or tablet is not on silent or do not disturb. A breathing alert simply lets you know Mimo noticed a change in your baby’s breathing pattern. This is based off YOUR baby, not off a chart of what a baby’s breathing pattern should be. Position change alerts are based off of your baby changing positions. Wake up alerts are determined by abrupt, substantial changes in baby’s breathing and movement. Babies breathing patterns and movement change often during sleep and Mimo knows this. Mimo will send you an alert when the movement and breathing changes register on a different scale than when baby was asleep. I love this because my baby stirs multiple times a night but is not fully awake. I do not receive an alert until she is fully awake. Nobody likes bursting into baby’s room thinking she’s awake when she’s really asleep.

There are different colors on the Mimo app. Purple means baby is asleep, green baby is awake, orange turtle is charging, and gray means the turtle isn’t communicating well with the lilypad.

Reading the app is super easy. On the live screen you can create a custom event, like when you fed your baby during their sleep cycle, when you changed their diaper and so forth. You also see the turtles name, if your baby is sleeping or awake, the position of your baby, their skin temperature (low, normal, high), the graph of the breathing pattern and the live audio button. The live audio button allows you to be able to listen to your baby. After using Mimo for at least one sleep cycle (nap or nighttime) the timeline will show you the name of the turtle, the activity of baby’s most recent sleep cycle and any changes in baby’s sleep behavior.

night view of the lilypad

Baby Sister is 8 months old and sleeps on her side, her tummy and her back. Mimo works great in all these positions! In fact, Mimo tells me when baby is awake or asleep on her back, her side and her tummy. I can see Baby Sister’s breathing pattern immediately and continuously. Baby Sister sleeps in our bed and nurses throughout the night. Mimo works great with both of these. The turtle does not disturb her or me. I do bounce Baby Sister to sleep and it does take Mimo a minute to register when Baby Sister is asleep as I am still bouncing. Once I set Baby Sister down in our bed, Mimo has no problem knowing she is asleep. Sometimes I do have a lag in the information going from the turtle to lilypad to my phone. I know this because I have used a video monitor with Mimo. The lag is due to my internet, NOT due to a malfunction with Mimo. Mimo is actually very accurate in knowing what Baby Sister is doing.

You do have the option of sharing your turtles information with your spouse, caregiver or anyone you choose. There is an access code that you can send to your spouse, nanny or anyone you would like. You do this through the app on your phone.

You do need to charge your turtle from time to time. It takes about an hour for the turtle to fully charge on the lilypad. Once the turtle is charged it has enough power to last for five nights!

Is Mimo safe for babies? YES! The “Turtle emits an extremely low power bluetooth signal to connect to the Lilypad. It’s the same signal strength as having a video monitor in the same room as the baby. The Lilypad emits a wifi signal, just the same as your router. The kimonos are organic cotton, and the breathing sensors on the kimono are made out of standard T-shirt vinyl and don’t touch your baby’s skin. The Turtle is NOT a choking hazard – it’s too fat (but please don’t tell it that it’s fat; it’s pretty self conscious).” I love the humor on the Mimo website. Seriously, being a parent is such a serious business most of the time, I love how Mimo gives me a chuckle while reading through their website. I also love the customer support from Mimo. I have the option to call in or send an email. I have done both and have received help that was wonderful and the response time was very quick. Back to safety, Baby Sister doesn’t really notice the turtle on her kimono. She did notice it one night and grabbed at it and was touching it. She could not remove it and the interest in the turtle was short lived. It was something new she had to touch and explore and once she was done it went back to being invisible to her.

I love Mimo. It is very easy to use, SUPER portable, and allows me to easily see my baby’s breathing pattern. I have used many video monitors and while it is nice to see baby, I can’t often see her breathing. I have to strain and zoom in to see if she is still breathing. I love that with Mimo I can see her breathing pattern and know everything is fine. I also love that I know what position baby is in when using Mimo. The alert features are awesome. When Baby Sister, and my oldest, were around 4-5 months old they could roll onto their tummy but did not know how to move their head or roll back over. This scared me, for obvious reasons, and having Mimo alert me to this position change would have been amazing. As parents we all want to keep our babies safe, but also get some sleep! Mimo allows us to do both at the same time.

You can build your own Mimo kit. You choose how many turtles you need based on how many babies you have, how old your little one is and how many kimonos you need. Kimonos come in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months. You can purchase 3, 5 or 7 kimonos in your kit. You can purchase more kimonos separately and will need to do so as baby grows. The base price with 1 turtle and lilypad and 3 kimonos is $199.99. There is free shipping and returns on all orders over $50!

Last, but not least, you can connect your Mimo with your Nest system, if you have one. I do not have a Nest system, so I do not know how perfectly these work together.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.40.00 PM

You can purchase your Mimo online starting at $199. You can purchase extra kimonos in a 2 pack for $29.99. Use promo code BABYSWORLD for 10% off!


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