Milkies Breast Pad Ever an Uplifting Nursing Experience Review

Using Milkies Breast Pad Ever is an Uplifting Nursing Experience! The Breast Pad Ever is a unique breast pad that also gives you a bit of a lift. Milkies Breast Pad Ever is shaped in a way to give you lots of leak protection while giving you some support and some lift. Who doesn’t want a little lift! 🙂

Milkies Breast Pad Ever are thicker on the bottom and have a contoured shape giving you a lift while keeping your clothes dry. Milkies Breast Pad Ever has three layers, a spongy, absorbent inner core, a thin durable waterproof outer layer and a smooth bamboo rayon layer that feels nice against your skin. Sometimes I leak A LOT and have not had any leakage issues with the Milkies Breast Pad Ever. They stay in place pretty well, they don’t move around like other pads do. I think the lifting part helps keep them in place. I don’t know about you, but nursing has made one breast bigger than the other. I love that I can use one Milkies Breast Pad Ever to give the smaller breast some lift to help even out the gap. I love that Milkies Breast Pad Ever is a breast pad and a lifting pad all in one!

Milkies Breast Pad Ever are reusable. You can wash them in the washing machine or hand wash them. I have washed them both ways and have not noticed a difference in the shape of my Milkies Breast Pad Ever. They retain their shape even when washed. When my Milkies Breast Pad Ever get full of leaked milk I can ring them out, put them back on and be ready to go! They dry pretty quickly and do not feel wet to the touch. I love that I do not have to carry around extra nursing pads now.

You can not see Milkies Breast Pad Ever through my shirt but I definitely can tell when I am wearing them! You can not visibly see Milkies Breast Pad Ever but I can tell my breasts look a little more uplifted.

Milkies Breast Pad Ever come in two colors, beige or black. The ones pictured are beige. You can purchase your Milkies Breast Pad Ever online for $24.96. If you buy two pairs they are $23.48 each and if you buy three pairs they are $22.32 each!

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