Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump Review

I recently heard about a new breast pump that I had never heard of before. The Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump. I was super excited to try this out! At first glance it is very small, similar to the Medela Freestyle breast pump. But, unlike the Freestyle, the Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump is a closed system! YES! I think a closed system pump is a MUST.

A closed system pump has a barrier between the breast milk and the tubing, preventing breastmilk from entering the tubing and the pump motor. If breastmilk gets into the pump motor it can mold and mildew. If more milk gets into the pump motor and leaves the pump motor and goes back into your bottles, well now ALL of the milk you just pumped, and any milk you pump in the future, is contaminated and should not be used. Nobody goes through pumping just to dump out their milk. This is why a closed system pump is necessary.

The Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump comes with so many accessories! I seriously love it! There is a black tote bag which fits ALL the accessories in it along with the pump. And there is room for a few extras. There is also a cooler bag with 2 ice packs and 4 extra bottles and lids. The cooler bag holds both ice packs and 4 bottles. An additional 2 bottles with nipples come with the Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump for a total of 6 bottles. Also included are 2 stands to set your bottle and flanges on so they don’t tip over. My FAVORITE accessory is the flange cover. These bad boys go on the end of your flange keeping it clean and safe from the outside world. This is perfect for moms who pump at work. No more having to bag your flanges, simply put the flange cover on and it is protected from the outside world! Another accessory that is included is the soft breast shield inserts. The breast pump, flanges, tubing and power cord are also included. There is a small bag of spare parts which is included as well. This contains the clear soft parts of the flange. The last accessory is a usb cable which allows you to charge or power your Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump.

The Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump is small enough to fit in my hand and weighs in at 9 ounces. This makes it really easy to travel with. It is super quiet and pretty straightforward to operate. The Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump flanges are made up of a few pieces. The flange has a bottom duck valve which has two pieces. The thin piece fits into the larger piece which then goes into the flange. On the top of the flange there is the back flow stopper, or membrane, which prevents milk from leaving the flange and entering the tubing. This is made up of 3 pieces, the bottom piece, the membrane, and the top piece. You can leave the bottom piece attached to the flange while cleaning if you would like. The tubing attaches to the flange on the top piece of the back flow stopper. Once your flanges are assembled, attach a bottle and you are ready to pump!

The Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump is very easy to use. There are 9 levels of massage. I have found levels 2-3 to be sufficient and have not needed to go higher than that. There is a regular mode and a letdown mode. The letdown mode is a little faster than the regular mode. On my Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump the regular mode has a bit of a pause in between sucks, pumps, massages. I do not respond well to this so I tend to stay in letdown mode when using the Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump. It does take a bit longer for me to pump but I do get a bit more milk when using this pump, roughly 1-2 more ounces total from both breasts.

There is a nice LCD screen on the Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump. This screen shows you the battery power, the levels of suction and the timer which shows you how long you have been pumping. On the bottom of the display is the power button. This allows you to turn on and off the pump motor. Above the power button is the letdown button. This button changes the massage mode to letdown mode. This is displayed on the screen on the left hand side. When you are in massage mode, on the left hand side there are pictures of drops that tell you you are in massage mode and also tell you what level you are on. One drop means you are at level one, two drops at level two and so forth up to level nine. When you are in the regular mode, not letdown mode, the LCD screen will show you dots on the right hand side. One dot means you are at level one, two dots at level two and so forth. On the display there are two buttons that allow you to change the level of massage. On the left hand side is the minus button which decreases the massage mode and on the right hand side is a plus button which allows you to increase the massage mode.

The Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump can be used as a double electric breast pump or as a single. To use it as a single simply insert one end of the tubing into the white T and now you are ready to pump one breast! The Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump is super portable. It can be used with batteries, with an outlet or with a usb cord. This means you can power and charge your Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump in the car or with your computer! How neat is that!

You can purchase your Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump online for $169.99 with free Prime Shipping!

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16 thoughts on “Megna M7 Double Electric Breast Pump Review”

  1. this pump is covered 100% by my insurance (medela is not). I am hesitant to order it though b/c it’s so new. I know medela is one of the best pumps out there. Should I just order the medela, pay $38, and put the not-included accessories on my registry>? The megna sounds like a better deal but I want to make sure it’s worth it and just as good as medela.

    1. I would go with this one. The medela is a good pump but it is an open system pump. The Megna comes with so many accessories that are really helpful. I feel like the suction is the same between medela and Megna. If it were me I would go with the Megna. Congratulations on the baby!

  2. Just reading the views 🙂 I was a Medela mom, three times over, but need a new pump for Baby #4. I am hesitant to switch, as well, but I really am looking into having less to carry around or setup with an 8,6 & 4 year old on the loose. And also being able to take the pump on the go with ease is going to be essential this time around.

    1. This set comes with the carrying bag that is very roomy! I think the set up is comparable to medela. There are more options that come standard with this so you can comfortably pump. Congratulations on baby #4!

  3. Thank you so much! I ordered it today!! Congrats to you on baby #3! I signed up for your blog & am enjoying it 🙂 I am 30 weeks myself. Time is flying & I appreciate your input! It helped take the stress out of my decision!

  4. I just got this Pump and I’m trying to figure it out. There aren’t much to the instructions. Do you just start in the letdown mode then move on to regular mode? I’m still trying to figure this thing out.

    1. Yes, you want to start in the letdown mode. Once your letdown occurs you want to switch over to regular mode. Find which suction and speed level feel good for you. You do not want it to hurt! Letdown mode is faster and stimulates your letdown easier than if you started and stayed in regular mode. I hope this helps! If you have any more questions please let me know. Congratulations on your little one!

  5. Do you know if the flanges are interchangeable with other brands? The standard size is way too. If but I’m not finding any other size options online- looking for mm. Thanks!

    1. The flange is not removable. Have you tried pumping pals? They are inserts into your flange that can make it bigger or smaller.

  6. I hate this pump. The flanges are too big and it hurt me so bad that I had to go to the doctors office. I thought it was just me with the problem but after trying a different pump. Megna breast pump just isn’t that good or maybe I got a defected pump.

    1. You can purchase additional flanges. You do need to make sure you have the right size flange. Any breast pump will hurt if you do not have the right size flange. Pumping pals has smaller size flanges that fit any pump! I suggest calling Megna’s help line at (610) 590-1768

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