MamAmor Birthing, Breastfeeding and Babywearing Dolls Review

When I was pregnant with Baby Sister, I wanted Bunny to know a little bit about what would be happening, especially since we had a home birth. I was hopefully that Bunny would be awake and there for Baby Sisters birth, but Baby Sister made her appearance at 1:38 am and Bunny was asleep. In preparation for Baby Sisters birth, Bunny and I read an age appropriate home birth book, Hello Baby, and watched home birth videos online. I did not find out about MamAmor Birthing dolls until after Baby Sister was born, but I wish I had one before! Now both Bunny and Baby Sister will have the opportunity to learn about birth with our MamAmor Birthing doll.


MamAmor Birthing dolls are hand crafted beauties. Each doll is 100% handmade and takes about 15 hours to complete. Each and every MamAmor Birthing doll is unique and one of a kind. MamAmor Birthing dolls are made with high quality fabrics and each part of the doll is handmade, down to their hand knitted shoes! There are a variety of MamAmor Birthing dolls which include Birthing-Breastfeeding, VBAC, Breastfeeding-Babywearing, Minis, Family and Puppies.

Because Bunny was a c section and Baby Sister was a HBAC (home birth after c section) we received a VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll. The Mother doll is 18 inches tall (46cm) and the Baby is 5 inches tall (13cm). Bunny has seen my c section scar and I have told her that is where she was born from and that Baby Sister would come out of my vagina, not the c section scar. This made as much sense to her as is possible for a 2 year old. Being able to SEE how a c section baby is born and a vaginal birth is completely different!

VBAC MamAmor Birthing dolls are very intricate and detailed. The VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll has two ways for the baby to be born. There is a zipper for a c section and an opening akin to the vagina for a vaginal birth. VBAC MamAmor Birthing dolls also have breasts with snaps on them in place of nipples. These snaps correspond to the snaps on the baby’s face, in place of a mouth. This allows your VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll to nurse her baby. The baby is very detailed as well. Each VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll baby comes with a detachable placenta and umbilical cord. The umbilical cord snaps on to the baby’s belly button.

VBAC MamAmor Birthing dolls also come with a diaper for baby, a blanket for baby, clothing for mom that is easy to nurse in, a beautiful flower clip, shoes and a birth certificate. We received our VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll at All About Baby’s World Extravaganza and received a baby carrier for our VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll as well. Normally a baby carrier is an extra add on item.

I love how realistic VBAC MamAmor Birthing dolls are. Bunny LOVES to play with our VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll. There are snaps on the VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll’s hands which allow you to snap the hands together so mama can hold baby. Bunny loves dressing and undressing our VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll. She loves playing with the baby and the mama. This is one of her favorite toys. This is also one of my favorite toys so I do supervise her while she plays with them. Once she is a little older I will happily let her play with our VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll unsupervised.

I really love how our VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll is not only fun, but educational. The baby can be head down, sunny side up, and many variations of breech. I want my girls to grow up knowing the human body is beautiful and capable of birthing a human being. I love that our VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll allows me to tangibly teach this to my daughters. VBAC MamAmor Birthing dolls are great for children, doulas, midwives and birth educators.

You can purchase your VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll online for $210. You can also request a customized VBAC MamAmor Birthing doll. Prices vary depending on what you would like.

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