LullaBelay™ by Fiddle Diddles Review

Sometimes shopping with children is a hassle. Okay, most of the time! Most people prefer to shop with their newborn or baby in their car seat. It is unsafe to put an infant car seat on the shopping cart. It is safe to put your infant seat INSIDE the shopping cart basket, but then where can you put your items? I have put an infant seat inside a shopping cart basket before and have run into two problems. First, there isn’t much room to for my items. There is no way I could go grocery shopping with my infant seat inside the shopping cart basket. Second, I have accidentally taken items without paying for them when my infant seat was in the shopping cart basket. The infant seat takes up the majority of the space and items can get wedged or hidden underneath parts of the infant seat. Neither of these problems are acceptable. Which is why I was so excited to find LullaBelay™ by Fiddle Diddles.

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LullaBelay™ allows you to safely carry your infant car seat while shopping. LullaBelay™ attaches to the frame of the shopping cart, leaving the shopping cart basket and the toddler seat empty. This means you can have a toddler sitting in the shopping cart toddler seat, have your infant seat with your infant inside safely secured to your shopping cart AND have the ENTIRE basket area empty and open to be filled with groceries!


LullaBelay™ works by attaching to your infant car seat handle with adjustable straps that then attach to the shopping cart frame. This allows your infant car seat to be safe and secure at all times. LullaBelay™ attaches at two points on the shopping cart frame, on either side of the toddler seat. LullaBelay™ does NOT attach to the shopping cart handle. Because LullaBelay™ attaches to the frame of the shopping cart and NOT the handle, the shopping cart is never off balance, keeping baby safe and secure.

LullaBelay™ comes with two pieces. The first piece is LullaBelay’s™ protective mesh cover. You need to place this cover over your infant seat before attaching LullaBelay™ to the shopping cart. Place the LullaBelay™ protective mesh cover over your infant seat so the small opening is centered over the infant car seat handle. This places the zipper at the front of the infant car seat, allowing you access to your baby. The second piece of the LullaBelay™ is the strap system. The LullaBelay™ is a Y shaped strap system that attaches at one point to your infant car seat handle and at two points on the shopping cart frame.

First you need to loosen the LullaBelay™ strap system to its longest length. To attache the LullaBelay™ strap system you first attache the two shorter sides of the Y to the shopping cart frame below the toddler seat, NOT the shopping cart handle, with the two carabiners. If the shopping cart frame is too thick for the carabiners, you can loop the strap around the shopping cart frame and hook the carabiner onto the strap. Next you loop the red carabiner and strap through the protective mesh cover, around the infant car seat handle, and back through the protective mesh cover. Then you clip the red carabiner onto the strap, securing the LullaBelay™ strap system to the infant car seat. Next you lift the infant car seat by the handle and tighten the two adjustable straps evenly.


LullaBelay™ allows your infant car seat to be securely and safely attached to the shopping cart frame without getting in your way. With LullaBelay™ the infant car seat sits side ways against the shopping cart.


In my experience, LullaBelay™ is very easy to use and does not hinder my shopping experience. I did have to stand a little farther back from my shopping cart to avoid kicking my infant seat. But, in my opinion, this is a small price to pay to safely and securely carry my infant in her car seat while shopping. I love the carrying bag LullaBelay™ comes with. While LullaBelay™ is not in use it easily is stored in the bag inside my car. LullaBelay™ doesn’t take up a lot of space and is always in my car when I need it.


You can purchase your LullaBelay™ online for $49.95. Currently the LullaBelay™ comes in a grey chevron print.


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