Love Motifs Keepsake Keychain Review

I love baby keepsakes. Baby Sister didn’t have her footprints taken because she was not born in a hospital. I wanted to get this done for her but also wanted to find a pretty, fun way to capture her tiny little feet. Love Motifs has so many options to capture my itty bitty baby’s feet! Love Motifs was created by a mom who wanted to preserve her children’s tiny footprints and the feelings she got when looking at them. I am thrilled she found a creative and beautiful way to do just that!


There are so many options to choose from at Love Motifs. Ordering from Love Motifs is super easy. First you choose which keepsake you would like. I choose the keychain and the ornament. Then, if you already have footprints to use, you simply upload your footprints and customized keepsake. If you do not have any footprints, like me, Love Motifs will send you a Gift Kit. The Gift Kit includes an order form, a return prepaid envelope and a kit to take your baby’s footprints. After you have taken your baby’s footprints and filled out the form you are almost finished! Simply mail the footprints and the completed form back to Love Motifs. Your keepsake should arrive at your address in 4 weeks!

The Love Motifs sibling keychain set was my first choice. On one side is the name and footprints of one sibling. On the other side is the name and footprints of the second sibling. Since we have two babies now, I thought this one would be wonderful! And I was right! Doesn’t it look amazing?! The keychain comes in pink, blue, red or black and is 1×2 inches.

The second Love Motifs I received is the ornament. The Love Motifs Ornament is made of shatter resistant and light weight acrylic mirror. On the mirror is my baby’s footprint, name and her birthdate.


You can purchase the Love Motifs sibling keychain online for $34. You can purchase the Love Motifs Ornament online for $32.


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