Louie the Leprechaun Stuffed Toy and Book Review

St. Patricks day is on its way! The only way I celebrated St. Patricks day when I was young was by wearing green. Louie the Leprechaun Stuffed Toy and Book is a fun, new way to celebrate St. Patricks day! 

Louie the Leprechaun Stuffed Toy and Book is a plush toy and book combination that is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patricks Day and engage children in the fun! Louie is a young, silly, mischievous Leprechaun. He has so much fun with his Leprechaun friends but one day Louie sees children playing at the playground and wants to join them. Louie is afraid the children will take his pot of gold. Instead of joining the children, Louie decides to visit them when they are not home or awake and leave surprises for them!


The Louie the Leprechaun set comes with a plush Louie the Leprechaun toy and a Louie the Leprechaun book. The Louie the Leprechaun plush toy is 12 inches tall, just like a real Leprechaun! The detail on Louie the Leprechaun is embroidered making this the perfect toy for infants, toddlers and children of all ages. Babies can take part in the fun! The Louie the Leprechaun book is an 8.5 inch by 11 inch hard cover book. The illustrations and story are simple and engaging. The Louie the Leprechaun book is great for new and experienced readers.  Join Louie the Leprechaun on his adventure and find out why he only visits once a year!

Both Bunny and Baby Sister enjoy our Louie the Leprechaun plush toy and book! Louie the Leprechaun gives us a fun and adventurous way to celebrate St. Patricks day. If you are Irish or not, Louie the Leprechaun is lots of fun!

You can purchase your Louie the Leprechaun Stuffed Toy and Book online for $29.95.

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5 thoughts on “Louie the Leprechaun Stuffed Toy and Book Review”

  1. This is really cool! I’ve never heard of Louie the Leprechaun, but I hope to incorporate this into my son’s St. Patrick’s Day activities when he is older. Thanks for your review!

  2. The character looks like he has great expressions that would get the kid’s attention. It’s always fun to read about upcoming holidays or locations with the little ones so they’re primed for the event.

  3. I think I may have to buy this book. My kids enjoy stories that come with the characters – they get to interact and pretend and really get into the story… and I love that!

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