Little Twig Review

Little Twig is a line of bath care products designed with babies and children in mind. Little Twig uses organic ingredients giving you a gentle, pure bath product. We were able to try Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby wash as well as their calming lavender baby lotion. All of Little Twig’s products are phthalates, sulfates free, free of parabens as well as nut, soy and wheat free. Little Twig uses only natural fragrances, not synthetic.


Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby wash is an all natural blend of soothing lavender and restorative chamomile. Both of these ingredients help settle baby down for bed time.  Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby wash is pH balanced which is great for Bunny’s sensitive skin. The lavender scent in Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby wash is not overwhelming. The scent is there and lingers after bath time is over, but it is not overpowering. I actually love Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby wash and use it on myself as well. Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby wash comes in an 8.5 ounce bottle, a 17 ounce bottle or a 34 ounce bottle. Bunny and I have been sharing the 17 ounce bottle for about a month now and there is still plenty left. A little goes a long way with Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby wash!




Bunny and I were also able to try Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion. Bunny has very sensitive skin and can’t use lotions with artificial scents. That is why Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion is perfect for us! It smells fabulous and goes on silky smooth. A little goes a long way with this product as well. Bunny and I were sent a 2 ounce bottle of Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion and Bunny has been using it for about a month. You can see how much is left. It doesn’t take a lot of Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion for Bunny’s little body.  Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion is all natural and comprised of organic and botanical ingredients. Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion has a lavender scent as well as a lemon scent, both of which help relax and calm Bunny before bed. Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion contains vitamin E,  jojoba and tea tree oil, which are great for the skin. Bunny approves of Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion!



You can buy Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby lotion and Little Twig’s Calming lavender baby wash online. Both product come in tangerine scent as well as unscented.


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