Lilypadz Silicone Nursing Pads Review

Almost every mother I have spoken to has experienced leaking after having a baby. Breastfeeding or pumping, leaking occurs. Disposable pads are expensive, and not earth friendly. I try to stay away from disposable nursing pads and needed a reusable option. I did a lot of research and found Lilypadz Silicone Nursing Pads.


Lilypadz are made of 100% medical grade gas permeable silicone. Lilypadz are breathable, latex free, ultra thin and non absorbent. Lilypadz do not collect milk like traditional pads. Instead, Lilypadz apply gentle pressure to the nipple, stopping leaks and keeping milk in the breast.


Lilypadz have a tacky inside which conforms to your breast and creates gentle compression on the nipple. To use Lilypadz you turn your Lilypadz inside out so the tacky side is out towards the skin, place your finger in the center and firmly depress your nipple. Once your nipple is flattened, smooth the edges of your Lilypadz down over the rest of your breast area, making sure to smooth out any air pockets.

To remove Lilypadz simply peel them off the breast. This doesn’t hurt at all! The suggested cleaning method for Lilypadz is to wash daily with the specially formulated LilyWash. If you do not have LilyWash, you can use any good oil cutting soap. Make sure you air dry your Lilypadz completely. Do not rub them dry, let them air dry. This does not take long. When you are not using your Lilypadz, store them on the plastic domes that come in the packaging. Lilypadz have a life expectancy of around 2 months. I have a pair of Lilypadz I use just for swimming and have successfully used this pair for over a year.

Lilypadz do not cause mastitis or thrush. In fact, Lilypadz can help heal common nipple injuries and thrush because Lilypadz do not adhere to liquid like colostrum, breastmilk or healing fluids present during an injury. This gives the nipple a great healing environment. Results of a study done on silicone nursing pads can be found here.

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Lilypadz are like a second skin. Unlike most nursing pads, you can not see Lilypadz through a bra or shirt. Lilypadz do not slip and slide. They are always in the right place, exactly were you put them last! I really love this. I don’t know how many times I have had a nursing pad in my bra and started leaking only to find my nursing pad has moved and is no longer covering my nipple. What a mess!

Lilypadz are great for going braless, strapless or swimming. I use my Lilypadz every time I swim. This not only stops leaks, but keeps my nipples clean and away from the chlorinated water. I can safely go from swimming to nursing Baby Sister without bathing in between.

Lilypadz come in two sizes, regular and large- recommended for cup sizes DD and larger. You can purchase Lilypadz online for $22.95 for a single pair or $37.95 for a double pair.

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