Life with Two part 2

Life with two is getting easier. Baby Sister is almost six weeks old and I am getting the hang of life with two. I have only had one bad day in the past 2-3 weeks. Every day is a little better than the last. I have good moments and bad moments, but don’t we all? Sometimes I feel overwhelmed or overstressed, but that is life as a parent. I am figuring out how to balance the needs of both my kids. I am trying to squeeze my needs in there somewhere as well.

Nap time is good some days and not so good other days. Nursing both babies to sleep is a challenge, but one I take willingly. Most days we end up looking like this


And I love it. On these days we end up all napping together. I, for one, really enjoy a nap! And who doesn’t love napping with babies?!

I do get over touched some days. I try to take 5-10 minutes for myself on these days. I do make sure to get a shower in just about every day. I make sure to take that time for myself. I feel so much better about life when I am clean!  🙂

The dishes will always be a daily struggle. Thats what happens when I cook nightly for our family. Dishes get dirty all the time. I am thankful we have a newer dishwasher that will hold more than our old dishwasher. I can get almost twice the amount of dishes in there! This makes me feel more accomplished. As for the laundry, I am letting it stack up so I can spend a good 30-60 minutes folding instead of trying to do a little bit each day. This works well for me. I am trying to make time for My Love and I everyday. Some days this doesn’t happen, but I am trying. The thought does help. Trying to make this time helps me to connect with him even when we don’t have quality one on one time together.
Baby Sister is turing into a baby and not a newborn. I am so sad this is happening already. I can see changes in Bunny as well. She is turning into a kid and not a toddler. I still want to freeze time. I don’t want either of my babies to grow up. I try to hold them and cherish them every day. I don’t think there will come a time when I stop doing this. I have a newfound understanding and respect for my Mom. I can not image having children as old as I am and my siblings are. I know one day my babies will be old like we are. I strive to cherish and make the most of each day.


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