Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag Shoulder Tote Review and Coupon Code!

I love diaper bags. I can never get enough. I use a diaper bag all day, every day. I love being able to swap them out to match my outfit or for the specific activity. The Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag is the perfect bag for one child or two! I am hoping it works well for three too!

The  Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag is a fashionable diaper bag. It does not scream diaper bag, which I love! The black and white stripes with the tan go together really well and compliment every outfit I own.


The Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag has two carry straps, the shoulder straps and the across the body strap. I love that I can carry it either way. The Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag also has loops to allow you to attach the bag to an umbrella stroller or any stroller that has two separate handles.

The Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag comes with a matching changing pad that is very cushy. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the changing pad. The Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag has two outside pockets, both on one side of the bag. The pockets are lined and will hold heavy items. On the inside of the Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag there are seven pockets, three elastic pockets on each side and one zippered pocket. The zippered pocket is perfect for keys, lip gloss and other small items. The inside elastic pockets are great for diapers, toys, bottles and more!

The Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag is spacious without being bulky. It is the perfect size to hold just enough without giving you added weight. The bag itself is very light and easy to carry. There are two closures on the Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag. Their is an inside magnetic closure and an outer clip closure. I like to clip my keys to this outer clip.

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  1. This is super cool! I’m not a mom, but I guess these types of bags are super practical to use. But thank you for this amazing post, I think it’s super interesting!! xoxo

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