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I don’t know about you, but when Bunny is napping, I dare anyone to ring my doorbell. When I hear a deliver truck outside, I am like a superhero jumping over toys and racing as fast as I can to get to the door before they ring the bell. If you wake up my baby I will be a very unhappy mama! Of course, the delivery people do not know this. I wish there was a sign to tell them….


Knock Nanny is the sign I need! Knock Nanny is a doorbell cover that tells your visitors there is a baby sleeping and to please be quiet. I bet you are asking yourself, why not use a sticky note? It works the same right? WRONG! I, myself, have used said sticky note. It works for about a day. No matter how much tape I use, the darn thing falls off! Then I get even more irritated when the doorbell rings because, didn’t I JUST put the sticky note on the doorbell? Lo and behold, the sticky note has fallen off and is doing me no good laying on the ground. With Knock Nanny I never have to worry about my note falling off again.

Knock Nanny is a simple, easy to use, easy to instal doorbell cover. Knock Nanny comes with 27 decals for you to choose from. I really love all the options Knock Nanny gives you. If you do not want any visitors, Do Not Disturb is great! If you have a noisy dog, Beware of Dog is great. There are so many options, you are bound to find at least one you love!


Knock Nanny is very easy to instal. To instal on a standard doorbell (one that sticks out) you simply apply the decal you would like to use, place two of the adhesive strips vertically on the sides of your doorbell, then gently slide Knock Nanny into place. Easy peasy!

If you have a “non standard” (one that is flush with the wall) doorbell, Knock Nanny has you covered! First you apply the decal of your choice to Knock Nanny, unscrew the screw out of your existing doorbell, place Knock Nanny over your doorbell and replace the screw. Tighten gently to secure Knock Nanny.


You can buy Knock Nanny online at Amazon (with free PRIME shipping) for $8.97. Knock Nanny is in select stores, check here to see if there is one near you.

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