Kizingo Kids Self-Feeding Spoons A Review: Take the Mess and Frustration Out of Self Feeding

We like to do baby led weaning around here. This means we give our youngsters a spoon. With a traditional spoon our babies tend to get food everywhere but their mouth. It’s a 90/10 thing with 10% of the food making it into their mouth. We feel it is important for our children to not only learn how to feed themselves, but to be in control of how much food they are eating. We would be happier if the amount of food on things/in mouth ration was a touch higher. Kizingo Kids Self-Feeding Spoons makes that a reality!
my little one couldn't wait to get her hands on this!
My little one couldn’t wait to get her hands on this!
Kizingo is a very different spoon for babies and children. Looking at the Kizingo you can immediately see it is different. Different is not bad, in fact, different can be very good! Kizingo is designed to fit tiny hands and allow more food to make it into baby’s mouth and not on their clothes or high chair. Kizingo was created by a mom and nutrition researcher who was frustrated by traditional spoons and knew there must be a better way. Kizingo is pretty amazing when you stop and look at it.
Young children hold utensils palm down. Pretend like you are picking up a utensil. Chances are you mimicked holding it palm up. Problem #1. Kizingo handles are short and wide, unlike traditional handles which are long and thin. Problem #2. This also allows the bowl of the spoon to be closer to the child’s body and mouth so they can more easily and accurately hit their mark. (Which is hopefully their mouth and not your hair.) The spoon bowl is turned off to the side instead of being straight. This means the food is facing the child and makes it easier to bring to their mouth. Problem #3. The Kizingo bowl is also smaller and more shallow and smaller than traditional spoons which allows each spoonful to be a more accurate portion size for the little ones and allows baby to each all the food on each bite. Problem #4. Do you see all the problems with a regular spoon?!
It is sometimes painful to watch an infant or child try to eat with a spoon! Kizingo changes these mealtime problems and helps baby accurately feed themselves. When babies and children can easily feed themselves are typically happier with meal time and less picky eaters. I have found this to be true with my children. When we try to spoon feed them they want nothing to do with it. When we give them a spoon or bite size food, they are more than happy to feed themselves!
I love that Kizingo rests on the edge of the bowl. No more messy spoon handle because it fell in the bowl!
Kizingo is made 100% in the USA. I LOVE companies that make their products in the US! Kizingo is made from FDA-approved BPA/PVC/Lead/Phthalate-free Profax PF511 (aka: polypropylene, aka: plastic). Kizingo is hoping to have a wooden version in the near future! Kizingo is dishwasher safe, which is a must for any parent. The only downfall to Kizingo is they are intended for right handed children. A left handed version will be released soon.
Kizingo currently comes in four colors, Beet, Blueberry, Carrot and Peas. Carrot is the color pictured. You can buy Kizingo online for $9.99.


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  1. That will make teaching them how to eat on their own a lot easier. I’m sure a lot of parents will be happy to have this product.

  2. There are so many gadgets these days that will help make parenting so much easier. I think this is pretty awesome. The spoon is perfect for making sure that the babies are able to practice eating on their own without hassle.

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