KidCo DreamPod Review

The KidCo DreamPod is a portable crib that can go with you everywhere! KidCo DreamPod weighs a little over 12 pounds and is 30”x 20.5” x 23.5” (76.2 x 52.1 x 59.7cm) when set up and 8” x 8” x 32.5” (20.3 x 20.3 x 82.6cm) when stored in the bag. This makes the KidCo DreamPod super easy to travel with. The KidCo DreamPod is perfect for infants up to 20 pounds. The KidCo DreamPod has an all steel frame which is covered with a soft padded cotton fabric and mesh fabric for maximum breathability. The KidCo DreamPod’s mattress has a hardwood base, which offers lots of support, and a lovely padded top for extra comfort. The KidCo DreamPod comes with a fitted cotton sheet to help keep your KidCo DreamPod clean.


KidCo DreamPod is VERY easy to set up and take down. I mean, incredibly easy. I have set up and taken down my fair share of portable cribs (aka pack n plays) and let me tell you, the KidCo DreamPod is so much easier than any other! Most portable cribs are like a jigsaw puzzle, this piece goes there while that piece goes here. Now hold them all together at the same time and push! Its supposed to work. Half the time it doesn’t. It takes me forever to set up a pack n play. It takes me 2 minutes to set up the KidCo DreamPod. Seriously, its that easy.

The KidCo DreamPod is super easy to set up. Simply take it out of the bag and undo the mattress. Spread the legs apart then lock the inside bars. Next you insert the side bars and velcro the top/side fabric. After that you insert the mattress and velcro it to the KidCo DreamPod. If you would like to use the sheet you can put it on before you velcro the mattress down.

The KidCo DreamPod is not super deep but is a great bassinet or crib. Baby Sister, at 10 weeks, is very comfortable in it. Bunny, much to her chagrin, has reached the weight limit and can not go in it. Bunny is 2 1/2 and wouldn’t need to sleep in the KidCo DreamPod anyway. The KidCo DreamPod is not super tall either. KidCo DreamPod is perfect for at home or on the go. I could see using the KidCo DreamPod next to my bed, in the family room or on vacation. The KidCo DreamPod is the perfect size. It isn’t overly huge, doesn’t take up a ton of space, but isn’t too small either. It is just right for Baby Sister to have a place to lay down or sleep while not taking over the entire room.

KidCo DreamPod is very easy to disassemble. Simply undo the velcro on the mattress and take the mattress out. Un velcro the top/side fabric and take out the side bars. Unlock the center bars. Next, push the legs together until the KidCo DreamPod is back to its compact size. You can then wrap the mattress around the KidCo DreamPod and velcro it together. Insert back in the bag. Now you are ready to travel!

You can purchase your KidCo DreamPod online for $149.99. The KidCo DreamPod comes in Cranberry (pictured above) or Midnight (black).

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