Keep Baby Covered with a Stroller Buddy Extenda-Shade by Dreambaby

Sometimes the stroller canopy is not big enough. Sometimes the stroller does not come with a canopy. Luckily with the Stroller Buddy Extenda-Shade by Dreambaby you can keep your babies covered! The Extenda-Shade is a detachable stroller shade. It has UPF 50+ protectant to keep the harmful rays off baby’s delicate skin. The Extenda-Shade can be attached to almost any stroller.


The Extenda-Shade is super easy to attach to a stroller. You can attach it on the stroller seat or at the handlebars. I like attaching my Extenda-Shade at the handlebars and having my baby seat face me and the handlebars. If baby falls asleep I can make sure she is completely covered. If baby does not fall asleep, I use the Extenda-Shade to cover her legs and bottom half from the sun. I love that the Extenda-Shade can be used both ways, on the seat and on the handlebars.

To use Extenda-Shade simply tie it on and you are ready to go! How you tie it on depends on the stroller. Some strollers you can tie it to the frame in multiple places, others you tie it around the frame onto itself. You can also tie it onto itself around a seat. This is great for any stroller that has a reversible seat. For these strollers you won’t always have the stroller frame right next to the back of the seat to tie the Extenda-Shade onto. Extenda-Shade is perfect for umbrella strollers! Typically umbrella strollers do not have a sun shade. If an umbrella stroller does have a sun shade, it is typically a very small one.

Extenda-Shade is perfect for daily use as well as special occasions like going to the beach, Disney Land and park days!

The Extenda-Shade comes in a few different sizes, medium and large. The large is a little longer than the medium. The Extenda-Shade currently comes in two colors, black and animal print. You can purchase your Medium Extenda-Shade online for $29.99.

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