Jellybeans as an alternative to the glucose drink?

Did you know there is an alternative to the glucose drink, glucola? There is! You have a few options. You can do random glucose testing using a glucose monitoring device, the same device those with diabetes use. I was going to go this route, but with my appetite not being where it should be, I was afraid the results would not be accurate. I opted for another option, the jellybean test. Instead of taking the glucose drink, I ate 50 small sized jellybeans. I used the jellybelly brand, but brand does not matter. A study was done on the accuracy of jellybeans versus the glucose drink. The results were jellybeans are a good alternative to the glucose drink and offer fewer side effects than the glucose drink.

Why did I chose to use jellybeans instead of the glucose drink? My first reason was I drank the drink with Bunny and was horribly nauseated, dizzy and light headed for a few hours after I drank it. I was afraid to drive because I was so light headed. I did not like the feeling the drink gave me and started wondering about the side effects Bunny might be experiencing. I did pass the test and did not have to do the three hour test. I did not do any research into this drink until I became pregnant again. Once I became pregnant with this little baby, I decided to do my research before I drank the glucose drink again.

IMG_0063If I was feeling so many negative side effects, I can only imagine my unborn baby was feeling them as well. I want to do all I can to protect her, and that includes being aware and in charge of medical decisions. My personal choice was to eat 50 jellybeans. Is that super healthy? Of course not. But I must tell you, I did not have any ill feelings after I ate 50 jellybeans. My jaw was tender at around 25 jellybeans, but other than that, I did not feel bad. I was not dizzy, lightheaded or nauseated. It is a lot of work to chew 50 jellybeans in 5 minutes, but it is much better than drinking the glucose drink.

I do not drink soda, or any other liquid besides water for the most part. Because of this, the ingredients in the glucose drink are pretty foreign to my body. I did not react well to the glucose drink and can only imagine how my baby was reacting. I do eat sweets, like jellybeans, more often than I ingest the ingredients in the glucose drink. For this reason, and many others, I chose to eat jellybeans.

50 jellybeans on a small plate

What I want YOU to know is, you have options. You might now know about these options, and I urge you to talk to your doctor about alternatives to the glucose drink. You can always question medical decisions made by your doctor. YOU are in charge of your medical care. My doctor did not even bat an eyelash when I asked her about alternatives. The lab did not have a problem with it either. YOU are in charge of your healthcare.

Please leave a comment if you have or want to have an alternative to the glucose drink. I am interested in your experiences as well!

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