Jelly The Pug Dress Review

Jelly The Pug is a clothing line that is incredibly soft. At Jelly The Pug they pick their own cotton instead of using machines, spin their yarn with short cotton fibers, sew and inspect each and every one of their garments. This makes for amazingly soft clothing with no flaws, no shrinkage and little to no fading. I wish my clothing was that great!


Bunny is almost 3 and Baby Sister is 9 months old. They LOVE to wear matching clothes. We were sent matching Forest Friends Trisha Hooded Dresses and my kids LOVE them! The dresses are super soft and look very comfortable. I wish they made this in my size! Don’t they look super cute?! The material is soft and sturdy, these dresses should last for a long time.


Jelly The Pug has clothing in sizes 12 months up to children’s size 14. Jelly The Pug has lots of cute clothing. They even have cute matching doll clothes! Jelly The Pug also has necklaces that are super cute and perfect for kids. You can purchase your Jelly The Pug Forest Friends Trisha Hooded Dress online for $65.

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