Jack & Lily My Shoes Review

Baby Sister is now at the age where she needs to wear real shoes. Not just something to cover her feet but a shoe that can protect her feet from the cold ground, the rain and hurtful objects while still allowing her feet to form and grow naturally. Jack & Lily is a brand I have heard of before but never had the pleasure of trying, until now.


Jack & Lily My Shoes are soft and flexible allowing baby’s feet to feel and grow naturally. Jack & Lily My Shoes have a non slip rubber sole that protects baby’s feet from the elements while being soft and flexible. I love the velcro on Jack & Lily My Shoes. This makes it easy for me to put on and remove Baby Sister’s shoes. She can undo the velcro but has yet to discover how to remove her shoes.


Jack & Lily My Shoes are made from genuine leather and are hand inspected. Baby Sister LOVES her Jack & Lily My Shoes. We chose the Lacey My Shoes. They are adorable and easy to clean. These were Baby Sister’s first shoes so they did take a minute for her to get used to having something more structured on her feet. She now loves them and picks them every time. As she saw me writing this she ran and grabbed her My Shoes and asked to wear them. She really does love them!

There are many different designs to choose from. Jack & Lily often update their designs but also keep the classics and favorites around. Jack & Lily does have a printable size chart on their website so you always know you have ordered the correct size! Jack & Lily offers shoes for pre walkers, toddlers and small children. Jack & Lily shoes go up to a 36 month size but, depending on the size of your child’s foot, you may be able to use these past 36 months.

You can purchase your Jack & Lily shoes online for $32. This is a great deal for genuine leather shoes!



I am a wife, a mother, and a lover of all things baby. I have 3 year old and 1 year old daughters and an amazing husband, My Love. I try to focus on bringing healthy, eco friendly products into my life to help improve my family’s everyday experience. If it is a baby product I have probably played with it, used it and have an opinion on it. If you do not see a review of whatever item you are looking for, send me an email or leave a comment! There is a good chance I know about it and have an opinion :)


  1. So beautiful shoes 🙂 it is good to give for this coming christmas 🙂 thank you for the idea 🙂

  2. When the kids start practicing walking it’s important that they have reliable shoes! Love these and it’s good that you found this awesome brand!

  3. Those shoes are adorable! I love the style and I love that there are plenty of designs to choose from as well! It’s perfect for babies who are in the midst of walking!

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