Jack & Lily My Boots Review

I discovered Jack & Lily shoes a few years ago when Baby Sister was starting to walk. Bug is now 18 months old and running up a storm! He has outgrown the soft soled shoes, the ones with only a small strip of leather on the bottom. Not only do they not come in his size, they also do not offer him any protection from the cold and rain of winter. 

Jack & Lily My Boots are soft and flexible allowing baby’s feet to feel and grow naturally. Jack & Lily My Boots have a non slip rubber sole that protects baby’s feet from the elements while being soft and flexible. I love that Jack & Lily My Boots come in larger sizes, up to 36 months. My 18 month old is the size of a 2 1/2 year old which means most of the soft soled shoes do not come in his size. I love that Jack & Lily shoes and boots come in larger sizes for those of us with larger, young babies! 

Jack & Lily My Boots are hand crafted with leather and 100% non toxic materials. I love that My Boots are non toxic. My Boots are super flexible which allow baby’s feet to move naturally. You can bend My Boots in half! I only put shoes on my baby’s feet that can bend in half. 

The My Boots have 100% non allergenic faux-fur lining which help keep my baby’s feet nice and warm. I am a sock person and feel like kids need to wear socks, but with the My Boots, if he is not wearing socks it’s not a big deal. The My Boots are SUPER easy to put on and take off my baby’s feet. They have two sets of velcro which allow the My Boots to open wide to slip baby’s feet inside. The velcro is strong and keeps My Boots on my baby’s feet. Releasing the velcro allows me to easily take off my baby’s My Boots with out tugging and pulling. They are easy on, easy off, at least for Mama! My baby hasn’t been able to tug his My Boots off, which is a huge plus for me.

My baby loves to wear his My Boots. He runs and grabs them every time we go outside. He absolutely LOVES his My Boots! I love that putting shoes on is not an issue. 

There are many different designs to choose from. Jack & Lily often update their designs but also keep the classics and favorites around. Jack & Lily does have a printable size chart on their website so you always know you have ordered the correct size! Jack & Lily offers shoes for pre walkers, toddlers and small children. Jack & Lily shoes go up to a 36 month size but, depending on the size of your child’s foot, you may be able to use these past 36 months.

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You can purchase your Jack & Lily boots online for $38. This is a great deal for genuine leather shoes!

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