Ja-Vie Shoes Review Comfortable Ballet Flats

I LOVE shoes. I especially love ballet flats. Since becoming a mom ballet flats are my go to. I do not like wearing heels anymore because my husband is just a few inches taller than me and I do not want to tower over him. Personal preference. Ballet flats are the perfect shoe to wear for casual or classy outfits. I have worn many a pair of ballet flats. Some are comfortable, some not so much. I have only found one pair that is incredibly comfortable but unfortunately I have worn them out. I was excited but cautious to try Ja-Vie ballet flats.


Ja-Vie ballet flats are unique because the inner lining is made of knit material and the outsole is jelly material. This gives a lovely sock feel to theJa-Vie ballet flats while keeping your feet warm, dry and cozy.Ja-Vie ballet flats does say their 100% soft breathable cotton lining is blister free. I did not receive a blister from myJa-Vie ballet flats but I did receive a tender spot. Granted I ONLY wear flip flops so the top of my feet are pretty sensitive. I was able to comfortably wear my Ja-Vie ballet flats at the ABC Kids Expo for two days before needing to switch shoes. The ABC Kids Expo was 11 hours of walking and being on my feet constantly. After a day of rest I was able to wear my Ja-Vie ballet flats with no issues. Had I worn any other ballet flat for the first time I am sure I would have had blisters half way through the first day.

One of the wonderful and unique features on the Ja-Vie ballet flats is the leather insole. These insoles are like nothing I have every felt before! I have a high arch and typically insoles do not do much for me. The Ja-Vie ballet flats hug and hold my feet! Every inch of my foot feels fantastic! I am very impressed with how comfortable my Ja-Vie ballet flats are and how well they support my feet.

The best part of the leather insoles are they are removable! This means I can remove the leather insole and wash my Ja-Vie ballet flats! To wash my Ja-Vie ballet flats I first remove the insole, insert the shoes into a delicates bag and put them in the washing machine on cold. Simply air dry them and you are ready to go! Easy and convenient!

I have worn my Ja-Vie ballet flats in nice sunny weather and love them. They do not make my feet sweat. The best part about Ja-Vie ballet flats is I can wear them in winter too! I now live in the snow and do not have very many shoes that are appropriate for this weather. While I would not suggest wearing your Ja-Vie ballet flats for a long winters walk outdoors, I do still wear them in the snow and rain! Because it is so cold I pair them with socks. My Ja-Vie ballet flats keep my feet DRY! The jelly outsole is amazing! I have walked a decent amount in the snow with my Ja-Vie ballet flats. I am pleased to say my socks and feet remained DRY! This is great for rainy weather when I want to be dressed up but don’t want my feet to get wet. Ja-Vie ballet flats are great for year round use!

There are so many great features on the Ja-Vie ballet flats. I was happily surprised to find Ja-Vie ballet flats are now my new favorite shoe! I honestly want to buy one in every color! I received the black lace on nude shoes and they are perfect! I can wear them with a dress to church or leggings for grocery shopping. They are MUCH better than my flip flops and much more comfortable than heels.

Sizing is based off the European size chart but there is a size chart online to help you pick the right size for you. I am between a 9.5 and a 10 (thank you pregnancy) and I opted to go with the larger size. The 41 fits me perfectly and, best of all, does not look like a clown shoe!


You can buy your Ja-Vie ballet flats online for $68. While this may seem like a decent amount of money for shoes, it is not. I have spent MUCH more on other ballet flats that sit in my closet due to being uncomfortable to wear. I will gladly pay $68 a pair for Ja-Vie ballet flats! Now until January 30, 2017 use promo code babysworld for 25% off your purchase! That makes a pair of shoes only $51!


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  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I have been looking for some comfortable stylish flats for over a year. I love the pattern you picked out! I am going to check out their other patterns. I have a blue dress, I need to buy some shoes for! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. It’s so interesting that these ballet flats have a jelly outsole, its such a different material to use in a ballet flat. I’m really surprised you can wear them in the snow! It’s great that they have such good support too.

  3. I’m a flat shoe kinda gal now too after having children. These ballet flats are so adorable! I really ought to give this style a go instead of my usual hiking boots, lol!

  4. I live in Ballet flats! They are so comfortable but sometimes it’s hard to find a really nice pair that doesn’t break the bank and is smart for work too. These are so cute!

  5. I might go for a pair. I agree with how you look at the price, it doesn’t sound bad if you think about te usual SRP for them.

  6. It’s important for me to have flats ready especially when going to an event! These sound amazing! I’m definitely going to check the styles out.

  7. I love flats! I always make sure that I have enough pairs to match any occasion. They’re a savior when it comes to wearing heels all day. I think it’s awesome that you found this brand, I’d love to have my own pair from them!

  8. I have a big collection of shoes in different colors and themes that I could wear on various occasion. Hearing about Ja-Vie for the first time, but these flats look great and the price is quiet reasonable too!

  9. These are so cute! When I worked I wore flats EVERYDAY and in the winter I would pack flats in my purse so I could change out of my snow boots into flats once I got to the office. Now that my full-time job is being a momma I can wear sneakers or sandals since I don’t have a dress code. BUT these are just lovely!

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