Indigo Pixies Plush Forest Friends Review

 Indigo Pixies Plush Forest Friends each have a talent. Indigo Pixies Plush Forest Friends are great for helping children learn about and reach different milestones. There is a Pixie that helps children say goodbye to the Pacifier. Neither Bunny nor Baby Sister have had a pacifier so we decided to play with a Forest Friend. Bunny and Baby Sister were able to play with Stanley the Tree Frog and Fiona the Fox.


Stanley the Tree Frog loves to learn and pay attention to the details. I love toys that help my children love learning! If I can give my children anything in this world it would be the thirst for knowledge. Stanley the Tree Frog is a great companion to help me with this! Stanley the Tree Frog is a nice size stuffed animal.  Stanley the Tree Frog is 9 inches long with his legs tucked up and 13 inches long with them extended.  He is yellow, orange and purple, perfect for boys and girls. Bunny LOVES Stanley the Tree Frog. She loves to read with him, color with him and learn her letters. We love learning with Stanley the Tree Frog.


Fiona the Fox is a sweet and sassy southern bell. Fiona the Fox has perfect manners. Bunny is pretty good about remembering her manners, but Fiona the Fox is a great reminder! Fiona the Fox never forgets her manners! Fiona the Fox is a cute little fox with big eyes. Fiona the Fox stands about 8 inches tall. Bunny LOVES Fiona the Fox!


You can purchase Stanley the Tree Frog online for $19.99 and Fiona the Fox online for $19.99. There is currently a Paci Pixie, Violet, who also has a book and a song. More Pixies will be joining the party soon! The Potty Pixie, the Bubba Pixie, the Bedtime Pixie and the Blanket Pixie will be available soon! What a fun way to help children transition from babyhood to childhood.


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