Inchbug Orbit Labels and MYDRINKY Review

Having multiple children they now fight over everything. Which water bottle belongs to which child is their biggest argument. Luckily for us, Inchbug Orbit labels have stopped these arguments.

Inchbug Orbit labels are a reusable, eco friendly label that fits on most bottles, sippy cups, water bottles and more. Inchbug Orbit labels are made from non toxic materials and are FDA compliant. Inchbug Orbit labels are dishwasher safe, microwave safe and can even be boiled and sterilized!


Inchbug Orbit labels are personalized. You can have your child’s name, birth date, slogan or any saying engraved on them! This is perfect for daycare use. No longer do you have to write on your bottles or sippy cups. Most of the permanent markers wash away anyway. I have left our Inchbug Orbit label on our water bottles for weeks with no problems. I wash the bottles in the dishwasher with the Inchbug Orbit label still on them and everything comes out clean and looking perfect.

To use Inchbug Orbit labels you simply stretch them to fit on your child’s cup or bottle. That is it!


The MYDRINKY has also stopped a lot of fights in our house, mainly between me and my kids. Juice boxes are a pain for my little ones. They squeeze it and everything ends up on them, not in their mouth. I am upset, they are upset. Nobody wins. With the MYDRINKY the juice stays in the box no matter how hard they squeeze!


MYDRINKY is a cute animal juice box holder. MYDRINKY is BPA and Pthlalate free, dishwasher dafe and is made in the USA! MYDRINKY holds just about any juice box or pouch, from 4 ounces to 8 ounces. MYDRINKY’s height can be adjusted to allow for the larger juice boxes.

I love that MYDRINKY has handles on the side. Not only does it stop kids from squeezing the juice box but it also allows them to firmly hold the juice box. To use MYDRINKY you simply press both nose buttons and life the top off, insert the juice box inside and slide the top onto the base until it clicks into place! Mess free juice box coming your way!

You  can purchase a 4 pack of Inchbug Orbit labels online for $12.95. They are currently available in light pink, dark pink, orange, purple, blue, turquoise, dark blue and light blue. You can purchase your MYDRINKY online for $9.95. MYDRINKY currently comes in turquoise, orange, green or purple.



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