I Am Terrified To Give Birth In A Hospital

It may seem strange to hear a pregnant woman say she is terrified to give birth in a hospital. But I am. I am terrified I am a number to the doctors and nurses. I am terrified my words and voice mean nothing. I am terrified I will not be given informed consent. I am terrified I will not be allowed to do something. I am a person, in labor or not. I should not have to be allowed to walk around, go to the bathroom, eat or drink as I deem necessary. This is why I would much prefer to give birth with a private firm in my own home, especially after seeing birthing classes online like the one; https://hearthandhomemidwifery.com/online-birthing-classes. I just think it would be much better and safer for me and my baby.

My first baby was born in a hospital, an unnecessary c section because the doctors were not properly trained. While my c section went smoothly and without issue (other than it was avoidable) my hospital stay was not as smooth. I was strep b positive which meant I had to have IV antibiotics before and during my c section. Because I had a c section the doctors and nurse thought I would not want to go home after 24 hours in the hospital. Instead of asking me, they took it upon themselves to make this decision for me. Because of this both baby and I had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours following the birth. Since she was born around 1 am I wanted to be discharged at 1 am. 48 hours is what they said, 48 hours is when I wanted to leave. The nurses were okay with this and had everything ready. Earlier in the day the on call pediatrician had signed off on baby being released. There was no reason to keep her any longer, she was healthy and fine. At 1 am the on call pediatrician was a different doctor who was afraid of her own shadow. She did not want us to leave with baby because, (direct quote) “What if she becomes jaundice?!” I asked the pediatrician if my daughter was close to being jaundice or if there were any indications she was jaundice. The pediatricians answer was no, BUT WHAT IF SHE DOES BECOME JAUNDICE?! I kid you not. This doctor was afraid if we did not stay in the hospital my healthy baby would suddenly become jaundice. She was so afraid she was not going to release her from the hospital! When hours earlier another pediatrician said she was a perfectly healthy baby AND this pediatrician also said she was a healthy baby. But WHAT IF!

I was furious. My husband had to step outside with the pediatrician to speak with her before I exploded upon her. An hour or so later we were allowed to leave. Allowed to take our perfectly healthy baby home. After fighting with an unreasonably scared pediatrician. Some might enjoy being in a hospital, I am not one of them. It was difficult to get comfortable on the bed, the room was not huge so family had a hard time visiting all at once. I wanted to wear my own clean clothes. I wanted to be home in my bed where I would not be disturbed every hour. Yes, my hospital stay was not terrible, but it was not great either. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why the pediatrician was acting the way she was. It is her job to make sure that the babies in her care are as healthy as can be before letting them leave to go home. You hear so many stories of new parents getting in touch with a personal injury attorney that specializes in birth injuries (click here to learn more) because an injury is only starting to come to light in the future. This makes you think, right? What if the doctors had discharged them too early? What if these symptoms could’ve been noticed a lot sooner? So, while I really wasn’t happy about having to stay in hospital for as long as I did, you can never be too careful when it comes to the health of your baby.

My siblings are quite a bit older than me. When I was 15 one of them had a baby and I was able to be in the room and be a part of it. She was admitted to the hospital way too soon, when she was barely dilated. She was in the hospital for over 24 hours before giving birth. My other sister had her first baby when I was 20. She was induced and was in “labor” for 3 days before giving birth. 3 days she was stuck in a bed, hooked up to IV’s, not able to eat solid food. It was terrible and I was not even in the room with her the entire time! I can only imagine how she felt! I remember talking to my parents in the waiting room asking them if this was normal. If both of my sister’s experiences were what it was like to give birth. My parents assured me this was not how it was supposed to be. My mothers labor and delivery were fast and uneventful.

One of my best friends recently gave birth, within the last 6 months. While there were many things that were unsettling about her hospital stay, the one that stuck out to me the most was this. My healthy friend who had a healthy pregnancy was forced, by the nurse, to sit in her hospital bed and PEE ON A TOWEL. Why?! Because the nurse did not want to help her to the bathroom. My friend did not have an epidural at this point. She was physically able to walk to and from the bathroom on her own. She did have contraction and heart beat monitors on her, but there was no reason to keep her confined to a bed. In fact, her husband was right by her side and was more than willing to help her to the bathroom. However, this nurse refused to ALLOW my friend to use the bathroom. Instead this nurse BROUGHT HER A TOWEL TO PEE ON.

I know, you might be saying this is just one nurse! Surely she can’t have that great of an effect on something. But she did. She effected my friends labor and birth greatly. I was, and still am, shocked and appalled this trained member of a medical staff made a physically healthy pregnant woman pee on a towel. One person can ruin it. Sadly this is normal. It is normal for a physician or nurse to alter the entire tone of a birth. Do you remember the OB who cut his patient 12 times while she was refusing the procedure, saying “No, Don’t Cut Me!”

Horror stories are not few and far between. Sadly they are normal. It is NOT OKAY! Informed consent means permission granted in the knowledge of the possible consequences, typically that which is given by a patient to a doctor for treatment with full knowledge of the possible risks and benefits. If a woman says “No” it means no! I am afraid of giving birth in a hospital because I am afraid my words mean nothing.

Yes, doctors and nurses are wonderful and not all of them are bad. But how am I to know that I am being treated by a decent human being? Do I risk my life and my babies life, my mental health, on a gamble? With most hospitals you do not get to choose the doctor who delivers you. It is typically the on call doctor. Someone you may have never met before. I loved my OB with my first and second pregnancy, she was wonderful. Had I known I would deliver with her I might have considered a hospital birth. I greatly admire my OB now, with this pregnancy. But, because of hospital policies and not knowing who will be on call, I am choosing to have a home birth. A home birth where I know my midwife. I know what she is going to do, how she acts, who she is. How do I know this? Because I get to spend time with her. Our appointments are an hour each time. I text her with any thoughts or questions I have. She is never too busy to speak with me. I have asked her in depth questions regarding birth and postpartum care. I can go into my birth with the knowledge that there are no surprises ahead of me when it comes to who is caring for me.

If there is an emergency I will go to the hospital. After all, that is what a hospital is for. Emergencies. Not natural, every day events like giving birth. I wish every woman was able to look back on her birth like I look back on my second birth. With joy, love, happy tears and the desire to relive it all over again because it was that wonderful. I am saddened every time I hear a mother talk about her negative birth experience. Women should be loved and supported during this emotional, often scary time. We need to give women a standard of care that is exceptional, where every woman walks out happy.

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  1. The entire idea of home birth is way out of my league, but I can relate to the fear and the feeling of helplessness that can accompany a birth regardless of where it is or who is “in charge.” With my oldest daughter, I was determined to have a natural birth, no meds, nothing. I had a birth plan and music cd’s.

    But my baby was breech, and so I was informed that the risk of birthing her my way would possibly cause one or both of us to die. I had a cesarean. My second daughter … My pregnancy was complicated, as was my birth because of the complications. Another cesarean.

    Still, I can imagine the peace and comfort of a home birth. I wish you well.

  2. Oh mama, I was scared of having my babies at a hospital, but I couldn’t convince my husband we would be safe at home. I also couldn’t find a provider who would take our insurance for home birth. I had two amazing natural births in a hospital. My second was, by far, the best experience I could have asked for in a hospital setting. Same practicing physicians, but at a different hospital. Though I succeeded at having 2 natural births, during the 2nd one, my nurses were much more supportive and like my cheerleaders.
    But, I totally understand the fear. In my experiences with doctors, they generally don’t listen and don’t care enough to help. I think it’s important, no matter where you birth, to have a load of support and to be able to trust your providers. My husband was an extension of me during labor … whatever I couldn’t speak for, he could.
    I post a lot about natural births on my own blog because I want women to know their birth choices are worth fighting for.

  3. I feel bad that you had to experience or witness these incidents. Now I feel fortunate that I did not experience any of these but I did have a difficult time sleeping. I think it’s important that we find the birthing method that works best for us.

  4. I am so sorry for what had happened to you and to your sisters and friend that have lost your trust to the hospital and to its staff. All I can tell you is always have trust in Him that everything will be all right. Pray hard for your protection and avoid negative thoughts.

  5. wow! I’m sorry you have had that experience. i’m not a mother but have had my share of bad experiences in the hospital.

  6. I’ve had 3 hospital births and 7 home births. They are like night and day. I absolutely love birth at home (both assisted and unassisted). If I have any more, ol birth those at home as well (barring any issues).

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