I Am Back! With An Announcement!

Whew, life has gotten busy. You may have noticed, I have not been around for the last month or so. That is because morning sickness has been kicking my butt! I am pregnant! With my previous three pregnancies I did not experience morning sickness until eight weeks. With this baby it started at conception and has not let up. I am almost out of the first trimester, but I doubt my morning sickness will leave anytime soon.


With four kiddos and baby number five on the way, I have not had the energy to blog. I have missed it! I typically write at night when all my kiddos are happy, and quiet, in bed. For the past four to six weeks I have been falling asleep with my baby around seven or eight at night! Thank heavens my husband had a month off work! This exhausted Mama has been appreciating going to bed early. Day light savings has not helped, my baby is up at six thirty, he normally does not wake up until close to eight am! Sleep baby, sleep! Mama needs it!


I am back and will (hopefully) be posting on the regular again. The holiday season is coming up, which means gift guides, craft ideas, recipes and more! I can not wait to gain some energy and continue my passion, this blog!


P.S. This baby was planned, he (I think it is a boy) happened about 6 weeks earlier than I thought it would. I am breastfeeding my baby, seventeen months old, and do not have regular cycles. Yay for more babies!



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