How To Keep A Clean Germ-Free Home

Keeping a clean house is important for your health and comfort and becomes even more important when there is a baby in the house. Since a baby’s immune system is still underdeveloped, they are more vulnerable to diseases arising from dirty surroundings and you must therefore ensure that your home is always clean and germ-free.

In addition to keeping your house spotless, you also need to rid of disease-causing germs and bacteria and also keep it smelling fresh always. Keeping a germ-house free house shouldn’t be a daunting task if you follow these tips.

Keep your kitchen clean

The kitchen is perhaps the most the most important room in your house because that’s where you prepare your family food. Due to availability of food and moisture, the kitchen is good breeding ground for harmful bacteria which, if you are not careful, can lead to a serious case of food poisoning and other illnesses.

It’s therefore imperative to take the hygiene of your kitchen seriously. Do not mix raw meats with fresh fruits and vegetables since they contain bacteria that can make you sick when ingested. Wash your hands before handling any food and clean your kitchen counter after preparing your meals.

Do not leave a pile of dirty dishes in the sink for more than day and take time to clean the kitchen counter top with disinfectant after you are done washing the dishes.

Since most bacteria thrive in moist conditions, you should wipe everything dry after cleaning.

Wash your bedding and towels regularly

Your bedding accumulates dust, sweat and other body secretions that makes them good breeding ground for bacteria. This might be the reason you wake every morning with a stuffy nose and can also lead to skin breakouts.

You need to wash your bedding, especially your bed sheets and pillow cases weekly to maintain a germ-free house.

Your towel is not safe either. Every time you wipe yourself with a towel, the bacteria from your body sticks on it and multiplies fast because of the dampness. To prevent this, air your towel to dry after use and wash it after every three days.

Leave your shoes at the door

You bring all the dust and germs you have gathered throughout the day into your house when you enter the house with your shoes. This is bad if you have a crawling baby in the house who likely touch these germs and ingest it. You also make your cleaning work all the more difficult when you come into the house with dirty shoes.

For your own sake and everyone’s healthy, leave dirty shoes at the door.

Keep your house smelling fresh

While house plants can improve the appearance of your interior décor, they can leave a strange smell in your house. Instead of quitting container gardening altogether, install the Best Carbon Filter For Grow Room to keep your room smelling fresh.

Also, keep your windows open during the day to let natural air freshen your house. You can also use air freshener but be sure the fragrance doesn’t trigger sneezing amongst the family members.

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