How to Easily Move Your Baby from Bassinet to Crib

How to Easily Move Your Baby from Bassinet to Crib


When a baby was born, most parents made a decision to keep her in a good bassinet because it seems more suitable for her small size. Besides, some have a cover and hood so that they can easily pull over while she is sleeping. What’s more, they don’t need to lean over the rail to put the baby inside thanks to lower sides.

However, when the baby is needs a more spacious area, moving her from bassinet to crib is the best choice. While there are different types of cribs and mattresses, it is a big challenge, especially if your baby is already used to sleeping inside the bassinet for a long time. Since it’s tough, the parents often hesitate to make the change. Although there is nothing wrong, remember that the longer you wait, the harder the transition will be.

When to move your baby to crib

  • One of the first most important things is to check the weight limit on the bassinet your baby is using. Each has an appropriate specification that details the maximum weight. Most bassinets can accommodate babies between 10 and 20 pounds; however, if your baby is about 15 pounds, you should change her to another bed.
  • According to a general study, the babies need to move to the crib by the age of 4 months. It’s because she can roll around or sit up at this time. So, it’s no longer safe for her to sleep in the bassinet. Additionally, she has a tendency to move out of there when feeling hungry in the middle of the night.
  • Last but not least, always keep an eye on your baby’s weight, size and mobility. Relying on that, you can know exactly when to bring her a new sleep space.

3 ways to get baby to sleep in crib

Set up a new routine

  • Introduce a set routine that helps your baby know when and where she is sleeping. Make sure to take a few weeks to get her used to the crib before attempting to get her sleep in it. When starting, you must be consistent. If some nights are spent in the bassinet, the baby can get a mixed signal.
  • Feed your baby a small feeding of milk to make her feel comfortable before the bedtime comes.
  • Give her a short and warm bath to help her fall asleep with ease. Then wrap her in a warm towel and hold her close to add an extra level of comfort.
  • Read a baby book with a gentle and calm voice. Although your baby might not understand, she will automatically create her own routine. Avoid reading too long because the baby may be unsleepy. Under 5 minutes is the best. Or simply sing a soothing song. Or give the toys which are specifically designed for bedtime.

Start familiarizing your baby with the crib

  • Make the baby’s crib an enjoyable place by putting her toys there and let her play with them during the day. But, don’t play too long because she might think it’s a playground, not a place for sleeping.
  • Give your baby a nap time in the crib, but you need to do little by little. If she has 2 naps a day, one nap in the crib and the other in her usual place. Once she becomes cozy in the crib, put her there for both.
  • If the baby is accustomed to sleeping in your room, you should move the crib there for a couple of weeks so that she can still see you as she falls asleep. Later, move the crib further.
  • Coax your baby to sleep at night. Try sitting nearby and then move a little further. If she still feels comfortable and falls asleep without seeing you, you can leave and let her sleep alone.

Pay attention to comfort

  • Aside from giving the baby a warm bath before bed, don’t forget to give her a gentle massage. Rub her back, arms, and legs gently in order to relax her muscles and calm her down before bed.
  • Make sure your baby sleep on her back on a firm surface, without pillows or soft bedding until she turns 1.
  • Change a new diaper and put her on the most comfortable pajamas.
  • Dim the lights or use opaque shades if your baby is sensitive to the light. Remember to reduce the noise or keep everything quiet because the baby can easily wake up even a little sound.

Below is a video that helps you move your baby from bassinet to crib easily:

To tell the truth, coaxing the child to sleep in a bassinet is quite difficult at the very beginning. Meanwhile, moving her from a usual place to the crib is extremely challenging. Don’t worry too much because 3 above steps are useful. Make sure you are patient and practice daily. If today was a failure, just try again tomorrow. Never rush or both you and your baby feel bad. Finally, always be comfortable and happy when doing.


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