How Much Sleep Have You Lost?

Losing sleep is not something parents want to think about. Unfortunately it is a reality. Now there is a handy (and scary) lost sleep calculator that allows you to see just how much sleep you have lost! Click HERE to calculate the amount of sleep you will never get back. As a mom of three I have lost 9,990 hours of sleep. It does not seem to matter the ages of your subsequent children, rather it calculates your lost sleep based on the amount of children you have and the age of your oldest.

Not only does the lost sleep calculator tell you how much sleep you have lost, it also tells you how many diapers you have changed, how many night time stories you have read, and how many lullabies you have sung. It does not take into account the number of books you’ve read if you have a child like mine who always asks for “Just one more book” in an effort to stay awake. I think we should double this number for those parents.

The lost sleep calculator is a fun site to give all the parents a chuckle. And make you want to take a nap.

What do you think?