Honeysuckle d’Warmer Breast Milk Warmer Review

There are a lot of breast milk warmers out there. All of the breastmilk warmers I have seen use heated water to warm the breastmilk. This is the best way to warm breastmilk, with warm water. NEVER put breastmilk in the microwave. The problem with all of the breastmilk warmers I have seen is, the water directly touches the bottle or bag of breastmilk. With a bottle, its not that big of a deal. However, with a bag of breastmilk, fresh or frozen, it is a big deal to have it directly touching the water. Why is it a big deal? If your breastmilk storage bag happens to spring a leak, you have lost not only the milk that is leaking out of the bag, but all of the milk inside of the bag too. For a pumping mom, losing milk is the worst thing that can happen! The Honeysuckle d’Warmer eliminates the risk of losing milk!


The Honeysuckle d’Warmer is a safe and sterilized way to warm my breastmilk. Honeysuckle d’Warmer has a unique design that allows breastmilk to warm up safely and naturally by transferring heat from one container to the next. Honeysuckle d’Warmer is made up of three parts, the inner chamber, the outer chamber and the lid. To use the Honeysuckle d’Warmer you simply put your bag of breastmilk inside the inner chamber, attach the lid and pour warm or hot water into the outer chamber.  In about an hour, depending on the temperature of the breastmilk (refrigerated or frozen) and the temperature of the water,  the hot water in the outer chamber heats up the air inside of the inner chamber, warming the breastmilk. My breastmilk bag stays dry and clean the entire time. If there happens to be a leak (from dropping the bag, bumping it into things in the freezer, among other reasons) in my breastmilk storage bags, the breastmilk will leak into the sealed inner chamber. I can pour out my breastmilk and still use it! No more wasted breastmilk!

the outer chamber, the inner chamber and the lid

The Honeysuckle d’Warmer does take about an hour to warm the breastmilk, depending on the temperature of the breastmilk and the water. This may seem like a long time, but it really isn’t. Most babies eat every 2-3 hours. I can start warming/thawing the breastmilk after baby’s last feeding. The warmed breastmilk can sit in the warmer or on the counter for up to 4 hours, which gives us plenty of time to use the warmed breastmilk. The Honeysuckle d’Warmer is great for thawing and warming frozen breastmilk. No need to take the breastmilk out of the freezer the night before! With Honeysuckle d’Warmer I can place frozen breastmilk inside and know it will be thawed and warmed, safely and naturally, in about an hour.

Not only can I thaw and warm breastmilk with the Honeysuckle d’Warmer, I can also keep breastmilk cool! I have had a few instances where I was out and about and needed to keep my pumped milk cold. I can do this easily in my Honeysuckle d’Warmer by using ice water in the outer chamber instead of using warm or hot water. I love products that have more than one use! The Honeysuckle d’Warmer works with both wide neck bottles and standard bottles. If you freeze your breastmilk in a bag and lay it flat, they will not fit flat. If you freeze them standing up they fit wonderfully!

You can purchase your Honeysuckle d’Warmer online for $25.99. Straight from Honeysuckles website, “No more warming a sterile breastmilk bag by soaking it in an unsterilized bowl of water, where the bag can get contaminated. Or wasting resources letting tap water run over the bag. Or shocking the milk with the sudden heat from an unfriendly electric bottle warmer.” Honeysuckle d’Warmer to the rescue!

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