HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau Review

As a breast pumping mom, I know how precious time is. I also know how boring it is to sit there pumping for 15-20 minutes not doing anything. Being able to use my hands while pumping is essential! It is not a want, it is a necessity! The HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau allows me to comfortably pump while keeping my hands free!


The HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau is a pumping bra that can be worn alone or can be worn over clothing or a bra, depending on what you wear. If you wear nursing bras and clothes, HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau can go right on top of those while pumping. No need to undress! Free your breasts and use the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau to keep the flanges in place!


The HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau is 83% cotton and 17% Elastane spandex. This makes HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau super soft and comfortably stretchy. My favorite part of the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau is how adjustable it is. There are two areas on the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau that adjust, the front and the back. In the front of the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau there is super soft velcro as well as three different hooks. In the back of the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau there is super soft velcro. The super soft velcro won’t snag clothes or hair, and is super duper adjustable. The soft velcro part is most of the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau. I can get my HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau as tight or as lose as I would like it. This allows me to get the perfect fit every time. I don’t know about you, but sometimes my breasts change size during the day depending on how long it has been since I last fed Baby Sister. I really love the customized fit I can get with HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau.


The HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau also had detachable shoulder straps. This allows me to wear my HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau as a bra, or remove the shoulder straps and use it solely as a pumping bra. The choice is mine!

I prefer to use my HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau as a hands free pumping bra, but without the shoulder straps. I still get a ton of support without using the shoulder straps. I love that I don’t have to undress to use the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau. As the weather is getting colder, I am less inclined to remove my clothes 🙂 I simply strap my HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau on, insert my flanges, line them up with my nipples and I am ready to enjoy a game on my phone, a book, or surf the web. The options are endless! I LOVE the freedom I have while using my HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau!

The holes where I insert my flanges on my HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau are amazingly soft. I know I keep saying how soft the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau. Thats because it really truly is super soft! I love it!

The HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau comes in two sizes, s/m and l/xl. This is normally a problem for me. I am blessed, or cured depending on the day, with larger breasts. While nursing I sit at a 36H/I. Typically even a size xl does not fit me. Also, because my torso is small compared to my breasts, when a size xl DOES fit my breasts, it is typically too big on my torso. I am very happy to say, the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau fits me everywhere! Because the HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau is so adjustable it really can fit anyone! I use the size l/xl and it fits perfectly!

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 10.08.40 PM

The HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau is machine washable, but it is recommended to line dry it. Wash it at night, hang it up and by morning it is dry! The HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau comes with a cute mesh bag to put it in while washing it.

free mesh bag


You can buy your HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau online for $32. The HoneySuckle b’Free Pumping Bandeau currently comes in one color, a nude/cream color.


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