Hello Baby (A Home Birth) Book Review

When I was planning my home birth with Baby Sister, Bunny was around two years old. I wanted a book for Bunny and me to read about giving birth at home. All of the baby sister/big sister books I had found involved hospitals and doctors. Since we would not be going to the hospital, these books were not the best option for us. I was so excited when my midwife showed me her book, Welcome with Love, which is the Australian and older version of Hello Baby. The only difference in these two books is the title.


I immediately ordered Hello Baby off Amazon.com and it was here in no time. Hello Baby became Bunny’s favorite book. I love Hello Baby as well. I love the illustrations in Hello Baby. They are not cartoonish, they are very realistic and soft. Hello Baby is the story of a home birth told from the older brothers view. There are older siblings in this book as well. Hello Baby does not talk about the pregnancy, only the birth at home. Mum has pains in her belly, the midwives are called, the family gathers and prepares for the birth. Mum has the baby, the midwives help the family get settled for the night and depart. Hello Baby is sweet and informative.


When I read Hello Baby to Bunny, I did change words to fit our family and situation. Since Bunny was an only child, I omitted the older sibling parts. Hello Baby is set in the winter and Baby Sister was born during the spring. There is a page where the sibling and the father go out to gather wood. I changed these words into something Bunny would often do with her Dada. I replaced the two midwives names in Hello Baby with our actual midwives names.


Hello Baby is graphic, in a very good way. Mum is nude. There are illustrations of baby being born. There is an illustration of the placenta and one of the new, nude baby. In Hello Baby, the baby is a boy. Don’t be put off by this if you are having a girl! Since I knew our baby would be a girl, I would tell Bunny, “This baby is a boy, but our baby is a girl.” She didn’t seem to care or understand. There is one small photo in Hello Baby of what can look to be the Mum nursing, but it is not mentioned in this book.


Bunny LOVED reading Hello Baby. She would constantly ask for the “Baby Sister Book!” I was very glad to have found a beautiful, love filled home birth book to share with Bunny. This helped Bunny understand what was going to happen.

Hello Baby is not a water birth book. I did find many water birth books in my search for a home birth book, but since I did not know if we would have our baby in the water, I wanted a generic home birth book.

Hello Baby is the best home birth book I have found! You can purchase yours online at Amazon.com for $6.43.

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