Happy Wrap Bamboo Baby Wrap/Carrier Review

I am a huge proponent of baby wearing. I think every baby should be worn. The benefits are amazing! Baby wearing with a tiny baby can be daunting. Just about every soft structured baby carrier out there you need an infant insert to carry your newborn through about three months old with. During this time I love to wrap my baby using, you guessed it, a wrap! The Happy Wrap is a bamboo baby wrap. Happy Wrap is made with organic bamboo and is made 100% in the USA. I LOVE supporting USA made companies. Happy Wrap are perfect for newborns up to 25 pounds. Baby Sister, my 10 month old, weighs about 21 pounds and Bunny, my 3 year old, weighs about 26 pounds. She is just over the 25 pound limit, barely. The Happy Wrap, depending on your child, will last you for quite some time.


The Happy Wrap is similar to most wraps in that it is one big, long piece of fabric. What is different about the Happy Wrap is the feel of the wrap. The Happy Wrap is super, super, SUPER soft. Like I wish it was a blanket soft! The Happy Wrap is also super, super, SUPER light! It is so light I was afraid it wouldn’t give me any support at all. I am happy to say my Happy Wrap is VERY supportive. I love that my Happy Wrap comes with a carrying bag! It fits perfectly inside and goes in a diaper bag or stroller with room to spare.


To use the Happy Wrap I first need to tie it onto my body. If I am going out I like to do this while I am at home. I can safely buckle my seatbelt and drive in my car with my Happy Wrap on (without baby inside!). This makes it easier for me when I arrive at my destination. Then I am not trying to tie my wrap with a fussy baby who wants out of the car NOW. I have tried to wear other wraps while driving or sitting in a buckled seat belt and it is a little difficult to get comfortable due to the bulk. The Happy Wrap is not bulky at all.

To tie my Happy Wrap I first find the logo in the middle of the wrap. I hold my Happy Wrap with the logo at my belly and and wrap the two ends around my waist, behind my back. I take the left end and put it over my right shoulder and I take the right end and put it over my left shoulder, making an X across my back. Then I tuck both ends underneath the wrap that is around my belly and pull them through, making an X on my front. The higher my X is, the higher my baby will sit. For a newborn I want my X to be very high, for a bigger baby my X can be lower. Once I have my X where I would like it, I and pull the ends to tighten them. This is where you tighten your Happy Wrap. You want your Happy Wrap to be snug against your body. To do this I pull on one side at a time, or both sides together. I want my Happy Wrap to be tight against my body in order for the wrap to fully support my baby. If my wrap is too loose when I put my baby in, my baby will not be supported, my body will not be supported and nobody will be happy.

Once my Happy Wrap is tight enough, then I wrap those two ends around my belly towards my back. I can either tie it here, behind my back, or, if there is enough left over, at my side or I can wrap it around to my front and tie it there. Personal preference. I like to mix it up and tie it in different spots depending on my mood. 

N0w I am ready to add my baby to my Happy Wrap! I want to find the side of the X on my front that is closest to my body. Then I want to hold my baby on the opposite side of my body, pull that piece that is close to my body away and slip baby inside. For a newborn I want to keep their legs in the frog or fetal position and pull the Happy Wrap completely over baby’s body/back. Then I want to take the other side of my Happy Wrap and pull that completely over baby’s body/back making sure to leave baby’s head exposed. Finally I want to pull up the piece of the Happy Wrap with the logo up and over baby’s body going right up to their neck while leaving their head exposed. Now baby and mama are ready to enjoy some bonding and hands free time!

If I am using my Happy Wrap with an older baby or toddler I want to tie my Happy Wrap the same but not tightening it as much. To put my baby inside my Happy Wrap I want to find the piece of the X on my front that is closest to my body. I will hold my baby on my opposite shoulder and pull away the close piece. Then I slip baby’s leg inside the wrap and spread the fabric over their leg to their knee, their bum and their back. Next I want to slip baby’s other leg into the other side of my Happy Wrap and spread the fabric over their leg to their knee, their bum and their back. Finally I want to slip both of baby’s legs through the piece that has the logo on it and pull that piece up high on baby’s back, preferably up to their neck. For Bunny, my child, she likes to have the wrap rest under her arm pits. For Baby Sister, my 10 month old, I prefer to have the wrap all the way up to her neck as high as I can get it. She likes to wiggle around and eventually will stick one, or both, of her arms out and the Happy Wrap rests under her armpits. For this size baby, that is a okay!

 To wash my Happy Wrap I simply toss it in the wash with my kid’s clothes and either lay it to dry or, if I need it asap, put it in the dryer on low.

front view

I love the Happy Wrap because it is soft, supportive, light weight and comfortable. I can comfortably wear my 10 month old and my 3 year old. During the summer time this will be one of my go to carriers because of how breathable and light weight it is. If you live in a hot climate, this is the perfect wrap for you.

You can purchase your Happy Wrap online for $48 with free shipping! The Happy Wrap comes in a variety of colors. We received Sunshine.

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