Hape Toys Review

For my almost 5 year old, Bunny, we received the Hape Mighty Echo Microphone. The Mighty Echo Microphone is for children 12 months and up. Bunny LOVES the Mighty Echo Microphone. I love that she can have fun and enjoy the sounds without blasting them all over the house. We do have a 6 month old who naps frequently and a toddler who naps! With the Mighty Echo Microphone Bunny can make noise without waking her siblings. The Mighty Echo Microphone is battery free which is hassle free for me! Bunny is thrilled with the Mighty Echo Microphone. She sings into it daily. She loves it so much she tries to hide it from her siblings. It may be for 12 months and up, but this almost 5 year old is glad to have it! The Mighty Echo Microphone will last you for years to come without making you or your children lose their hearing! You can purchase the Hape Michty Echo Microphone online for $19.67.


The Hape Trail Rider is great for so many ages! It is meant for children 12 months and up. We received the Trail Rider for my 2 1/2 year old, Baby Sister, who LOVES it! My soon to be 5 year old also LOVES the trail rider. They both ride on it at the same time. They also take turns. My 6 month old can not wait until he is big enough to ride on it. He is constantly trying to stand on it and climb on. Not yet little guy! The Trail Rider has a natural look, which I love. Since it is winter time we have been using the Trail Rider in our house. The wheels are incredibly quiet! This is wonderful as we always have someone asleep in our house! The wheels also do not mark up our floors. I really love everything about the Trail Rider. It has four wheels and is foot powered. This is perfect for the little ones just learning how to ride. My toddler loves being able to ride this as fast or as slow as she would like. Hape Trail Rider is normally $99 but right now it is 35% off on Amazon.com for $64.91!

For my 6 month old, Fingerly, we received the Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler. The Penguin Musical Wobbler is suggested for 6 months and up. My baby loves to push the penguin and see it wobble all over. The penguin has chimes inside. Every time he pushes the penguin it wobbles and chimes. It is such fun to watch him play with this. My older children love to play with the penguin as well. They love to spin it around and hear the chimes. You can purchase the Hape Wobbling Melody Penguin online for $14.99 with free Prime shipping!



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