SwaddleSure by HALO Adjustable Swaddling Pouch Review

Bunny never liked to be swaddled. Baby Sister, however, loves it. Swaddling calms Baby Sister down right away. I was very excited to be able to try HALO’s new SwaddleSure Adjustable Swaddling Pouch. SwaddleSure by HALO is 100% cotton. SwaddleSure by HALO comes in two sizes, newborn (6-12 pounds) and small (13-16 pounds).


SwaddleSure by HALO has adjustable fasteners which makes it easy to swaddle correctly every time. SwaddleSure by HALO has a three point fastening system that helps resist breakouts which leads to longer more secure swaddling. SwaddleSure by HALO has a large leg pouch. This helps Baby Sister’s legs and hips stay in the correct, frog leg positioning. The frog leg positioning helps with healthy hip development. SwaddleSure by HALO also has a unique design which allows for easy and fast diaper changes. SwaddleSure by HALO can be used over sleepwear. Always stop swaddling when baby shows signs of rolling over.


Baby Sister was born at 10 pounds. I am very glad I chose the size small!  Baby Sister reached 13 pounds around 8 weeks old. I was very excited to try out our SwaddleSure by HALO. SwaddleSure by HALO is very easy to use. Simply lay baby in the middle of SwaddleSure by HALO and tuck baby’s legs into the leg pouch. Tuck the left side over baby, then tuck the right side over baby. Next you secure the two velcro straps on the left side. Once that is done you pull up the bottom and velcro it to the top.


Once baby is securely swaddled in your SwaddleSure by HALO, you are good to go! Baby Sister looks comfortable and happy. She is not too confined, but definitely can not get out of the SwaddleSure by HALO. SwaddleSure by HALO looks very comfortable! SwaddleSure by HALO even has a cute little patch that says “Back Is Best.”

You can buy SwaddleSure by HALO online for $14.99.  There are many different designs and colors to choose from!



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