GroVia My Choice Trainer Review AND Giveaway

Bunny is learning to use the potty. YAY! While we are at home Bunny goes without panties or a diaper. When we are out and about Bunny needs to wear something! That something happens to be GroVia My Choice Trainers. GroVia My Choice Trainers are a cloth training pant with a pull up design. GroVia My Choice Trainers have a couple of features that make them unique.


A unique feature of GroVia My Choice Trainers is the interchangeable side flex panels. GroVia My Choice Trainer has two side flex panels that are removable. The side flex panels come in two sizes. The regular size flex panel fit sizes 1T-3T (18-35 pounds) and the plus size flex panels fit sizes 3T-5T (30+ pounds). This feature is nice because once Bunny outgrows the regular size flex panels I do not have to replace the entire My Choice Trainer. I can simply purchase the plus size panels and continue using our My Choice Trainer. Side flex panels come in a variety of colors (lotus, topaz, vanilla, mandarin and cloud) which allows Bunny the option of choosing her own style. Bunny can choose the same color side flex panel or she can choose a different color. The color combinations are endless!

My favorite feature of GroVia My Choice Trainers is the side flex panels, not only because they grow with Bunny but also because they unsnap. GroVia My Choice Trainers give Bunny the look and feel of panties but also offer me the convince of changing her like I do with a diaper. I only unsnap Bunny’s GroVia My Choice Trainers when she poops in them. Having the ability to unsnap GroVia My Choice Trainers is wonderful. Bunny has pooped in panties before and it is a really big mess trying to take the panties off without getting the poop everywhere! With GroVia My Choice Trainers I do not have that mess. I simply unsnap the side flex panels and easily clean Bunny. I can even do this while Bunny is standing up, which helps to differentiate between a diaper and panties.

Another unique feature of GroVia My Choice Trainers is the exclusive GroCool lining which allows Bunny to feel when she is wet. I love this feature because Bunny is still learning to use the potty. When we are out of the house and Bunny is wearing her GroVia My Choice Trainers sometimes she pees just a bit before she realizes what is happening. GroVia My Choice Trainers not only absorb the pee but still allow Bunny to feel wet so she knows what is happening and that she needs to get to a potty.

inside view (grocool lining) without an added insert
inside view (grocool lining) without an added insert

GroVia My Choice Trainers have a hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend which will catch and hold small accidents. There is a pocket in GroVia My Choice Trainers where you can add a booster (cloth insert). Bunny wears her GroVia My Choice Trainers with a booster right now because she is still learning. Pretty soon Bunny will graduate to wearing GroVia My Choice Trainers without a booster. The great thing about the hidden layer of hemp/cotton blend is, if Bunny does have a small accident, she will not get her pants or shoes wet. The boosters will be great for nap and bedtime as well. GroVia My Choice Trainers can eliminate the need for disposable pull ups.

You can buy GroVia My Choice Trainers online for $18.99 for one, $102.55 for six, or $205.09 for twelve and you can choose from 5 colors- lotus, topaz, vanilla, blackberry and cloud. Side flex panels are available for $3.95 and boosters are available for $9.50 for a two pack. The trainer try out package includes 1 My Choice Trainer with regular side flex panels, 1 pack of plus size panels, and a pack of two boosters for $29.00 with free shipping.

from left to right: surf, lotus, blackberry, cloud, and vanilla



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  1. I love the side flex panels. I want to mix & match the different color panels and diapers! Some aspect of potty training needs to be fun. =)

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