Goosewaddle Luxury Baby Blanket and Gift Set Review

We love blankets in my house. And I mean LOVE! Nothing is better than wrapping up in a nice comfortable blanket. I always make sure my babies have wonderful blankets to wrap up in so they can share my love of blankets. Goosewaddle Luxury Baby Blanket is oh so soft and oh so cozy! Both my 9 month old and my almost 3 year old love our Goosewaddle Luxury Baby Blankets! The blankets are made of 100% Micro Denier Polyester and the  Satin Trim is 57% Rayon and 43% Acetate Pile Fabric.


We received the Goosewaddle Luxury Gift Set which includes a full sized blanket, a lovie sized blankie and a plush goose toy! The Goosewaddle Luxury Gift Set comes in three colors, pink, blue or white. Since my babies are girls, we chose pink.

The Goosewaddle Luxury blanket measures 29 inches by 35 inches. This blanket is SO SOFT! It is like holding a cloud! I am very particular about blankets, some textures are not so comfortable on my skin. The Goosewaddle Luxury Blanket is by far my favorite blanket! It is so buttery soft, I wish they made adult sized blankets! Bunny LOVES her Goosewaddle Luxury Blanket. This blanket is definitely a baby blanket, it is big enough for Baby Sister and currently big enough for Bunny if I tuck it just so. Bunny will out grow this blanket within the next year or so. For a baby blanket, this one will last until your child is 3-4 years old.

The Goosewaddle Luxury blankie measures 14 inches by 14 inches. This is the perfect size to travel with, take in the stroller, wrap baby dolls in and sleep with. The Goosewaddle Luxury Blankie is the perfect lovey! I think if I had given this to my babies when they were tiny this would have been a lovey they could attach to!


The Goosewaddle Plush Toy is adorable! He is 10 inches tall and the perfect size for hugging. I love his different colored feet and his glasses. He makes the perfect companion for any baby! He is super soft just like the blankets.


To wash your Goosewaddle Luxury blankets you can wash them in the washing machine on delicate and hang dry. You only want to spot clean your Goosewaddle Plush Toy.

You can buy your Goosewaddle Luxury Gift Set online for $105. You can purchase all three items separately as well. The Goosewaddle Luxury blanket online for $65, the Goosewaddle Luxury blankie for $35 and the Goosewaddle Plush Toy for $20.

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