GB Asana35 AP Infant Car Seat Review

A car seat is a must have item when you have a baby. Finding the right car seat for you isn’t always easy. The GB Asana35 AP Infant Car Seat is the perfect car seat. The Asana35 has quite a few unique features that make this car seat easy to use which in turn makes it very safe. There are so many great features on the Asana35 its hard to decide where to start first!


Safety is very important so lets start with instillation. The Asana35 has a few features that make instillation easy. With the Asana35 you can be sure your carseat is installed properly and feel confident your baby is safe. The Asana35 has two recline levels depending on the size of your baby. The first recline level is for infants 4-20 pounds. The second recline level is for infants 20-35 pounds. There is a very easy to use recline button on the Asana35. There are different positions which allow you to achieve the proper recline every time. After you find the perfect recline you need to buckle your Asana35 into your car. The Asana35 has a very easy, very secure FitFirm Arm. The FitFirm Arm makes sure your Asana35 achieves a better, tighter (SAFER), fit to your car with minimal effort by you and provides 20 lbs of additional force. The FitFirm Load Leg on the Asana35 helps protect baby’s head, neck and spine in the event of a crash by minimizing rotation of the car seat. The FitFirm Load Leg can be removed if your vehicle prohibits the use of it.

Installing your Asana35 is SUPER easy. To instal your Asana35 you first lower your FitFirm Arm and find the correct height. Then you find the correct recline position for your baby’s weight. Next you thread the seat belt through your Asana35 base (or use the latch system) and secure the FitFirm arm. Done! This is one of the easiest car seats I have ever installed. This is the first car seat I have been able to instal tight enough the first time. I LOVE how easy the Asana35 is to install. There is little chance you can do this improperly.

The Asana35 has a few other unique safety features on the actual car seat. Asana35’s FitFirm Harness allows you to get the perfect fit for your baby every time you put baby in her carseat. When you tighten the Asana35 FitFirm harness, the headrest moves down to the appropriate level for your baby. This is great because it takes the guess work and worry out of tightening your baby’s straps and headrest. When tightening the Asana35 straps the FitFirm Harness pulls the headrest and harness at the same time to the child’s shoulders.  As baby grows you do not need to move the headrest, Asana35 FirFirm Harness does this for you! Baby Sister seemed very happy and comfortable with the Asana35 FitFirm harness. When you release the harness straps the headrest releases as well.

The Asana35 comes with a preemie/newborn insert that is mandatory for babies 4-6 pounds and optional for babies 6-10 pounds. Baby Sister was born at 10 pounds so we didn’t get to try this insert out. We did test it out with some of Bunny’s baby dolls. 🙂 The Asana35 has multiple hip and crotch strap positions which allows you to get a customized fit for each baby.

The Asana35‘s weight range is 4-35 pounds and 32 inches tall or less. The Asana35 is good for 6 years. The Asana35’s shell height is 20 inches. The Asana35 weighs 9.2 pounds. The handle on the Asana35 can be used in any position. The Asana35 has a nice compartment for the instruction manual, making it difficult to lose. The straps on the Asana35 are very easy to adjust. There is a very easily accessible slot on the inside of the car seat as well as the back. I have adjusted straps on many a car seat and the Asana35 is by far the easiest one I have had the pleasure of working with.

You can purchase your Asana35 online for $229.





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