Frogglez Comfortable Swim Goggles for Kids (And Adults!) Review

Summer is here! For us that means swimming, swimming and more swimming! Bunny is 3 years old and learning how to swim. She likes to put her face in the water and wants to see underwater. Frogglez are the perfect swim goggles for kids! Frogglez are recommended for kids ages 3-10 years old. The design is wonderful!


Frogglez have a unique neoprene strap that is easy to put on and does not pull on hair. Bunny can put Frogglez on by herself. I do need to help her get her Frogglez on straight and smooth out the creases, but for the most part she can do it. Bunny LOVES being able to do things by herself!

The patented design is on the Frogglez strap. Frogglez can be used with any goggles. It is adjustable and removable. You can purchase Frogglez with clear goggles or you can purchase the Frogglez strap separately. Frogglez is adjustable but it is not super adjustable. There is a velcro strap on the side that adjusts the Frogglez. Frogglez can adjust on the side with the velcro as well as the back. If I move Frogglez up higher it tightens the top and if I move it lower it tightens the bottom. This allows me to get a customized fit.  Frogglez fit perfectly on Bunny, 3 years old, and our 7 year old and 9 year old neighbors. And on me!

I tried the Frogglez on a pair of my swim goggles and I must say, they are pretty neat! My hair did not get ripped out, the goggles stayed on and did not let water come in. Taking them off was super easy and it didn’t hurt!

I love that Frogglez float! Never again will my goggles sink to the bottom of the pool!


You can purchase your Frogglez online. Frogglez currently comes in blue, purple, pink, green, blue submarine, camouflage and pink whale. You can purchase Frogglez for $9.99 or you can purchase Frogglez with goggles for $19.99.




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