Fourteen Weeks Pregnant

Fourteen weeks! I feel like I am huge some days and small the next. I am still getting over being sick. I am sick of being sick! It stinks because it is not pregnancy related sickness. But on the upside I am no longer nauseated! Yay! Cravings have not really come into full effect yet, I think mainly because I am still sick. I did get nauseated and threw up for the second, third, fourth and fifth time of this pregnancy but it was illness related, as was the first time I threw up. I can not wait to be healthy again! I am feeling baby move a lot more, her whole body not jabs and kicks. I love feeling her move!


Big belly šŸ™‚ I am still tired but maybe its from being sick all the time.


No cravings yet. I am hoping they kick in soon! I really want to eat food again! I am drinking protein shakes to make up for not wanting to eat but man do I miss enjoying food!


Cooking and cleaning. Ha! I seriously do not want to cook. It is a huge labor of love that I even make food for my kids. They want to eat multiple times a day!

What do you think?