Fifteen Weeks Pregnant

My belly is growing! I can feel baby moving a lot more now. I have only had one jab or kick so far. Mainly I feel her whole body shift and press against me. Bunny calls our baby Tinker Bell. We find out in about 5 weeks if this baby is indeed a girl! Overall I am feeling better. I have not gotten sick again, which is great! I am hoping my winter sicknesses are over!


It is getting harder to bend over. My hips are killing me, but maybe that is because we are packing and moving. When I over do it my hips hurt a ton. Luckily a good nights rest helps them to feel better.


Nothing. I really want cravings! I have intense cravings with my other two children so it is weird for me to not have any cravings. I am still drinking protein shakes to make sure I get enough calories and protein every day.


No big aversions. I still don’t want to cook. Meat cooking smells incredibly disgusting to me.

What do you think?