FeverFrida iThermonitor Review

If you have ever had a sick baby, and who hasn’t, you know the rollercoaster that is a fever. Whether baby is sick or teething, this mama wants to know what baby’s temperature is, even when she is sleeping. The FeverFrida iThermonitor makes it easy to keep an eye on baby’s temperature and gives you a nice little log should you need to show the doctor.


FeverFrida is thermometer that adheres to baby’s skin and continuously takes an accurate temperature reading every four seconds then sends it via bluetooth to your smart phone. FeverFrida connects to an app on your smartphone and charts your baby’s temperature. The FeverFrida app will alert you if baby’s temperature goes above a certain amount. Ours was set at 100 degrees and luckily we only received an alert once. You can customize the alert temperature. The app charts your baby’s temperature and gives you a handy little graph so you can see your baby’s temperature throughout the duration of time it was worn.


FeverFrida comes with one FeverFrida, five adhesive patches, one battery and battery removal tool and one users manual. You can buy more adhesive patches and you will need to as the patches are one use per patch.

To set up FeverFrida you first insert the battery by using the tool to remove the cover and insert the battery and turn it on by pressing the only button until the blue light is solid. Then you download the app, turn on your bluetooth (very important, will not work without bluetooth enabled) and connect your smart phone to the FeverFrida.


 To use FeverFrida you turn on FeverFrida, take the backing off the adhesive, place FeverFrida in the center of the patch with the silver dot visible (this is the thermometer that goes against baby’s skin) and place the patch on your baby’s bare skin right next to their arm pit. You do not want FeverFrida to be right inside the armpit, but right below, 1-2 fingers width below.  You do want to put FeverFrida right against baby’s skin and not over clothing. You can absolutely put clothing on top of the FeverFrida.

I tried FeverFrida on Baby Sister, 13 months old, and on myself. I put FeverFrida on my skin with a patch and left it there for a few hours so I could see how it felt, if I could feel it, if it was comfortable and what it was like to have the patch taken off. This was important to me because my baby has never had any kind of adhesive on her skin and I did not want the patch to be an unpleasant experience for her. I am happy to say FeverFrida was comfortable, I could barely feel it and it did not hurt at all, nor was it uncomfortable to remove the patch. Removing the patch felt like taking a sticker off my hand. I knew something was coming off my skin but there was no pain and, if there was any discomfort it was very, very mild. Baby Sister slept with FeverFrida on at night and did not seem to notice it. Her sleep was not impacted, even when she slept on her side where the FeverFrida was placed. Taking off the patch did not bother her in the least. One patch can last for one day, you do need to replace it every day, it is not reusable.

I did place FeverFrida on the patch the wrong way at first. It was easy to remove and flip over. You should be able to see the blue light through the patch. The silver dot needs to be against baby’s skin.



It was nice piece of mind for me to be able to see her temperature all throughout the night and to see what it was at when we were all sleeping. The range of FeverFrida to the app is not very great, 10 feet. I had to have my smart phone in the same room as Baby Sister for it to pick up the data. Since we co sleep this was not a problem. When I was still awake and Baby Sister was sleeping I would lose the FeverFrida signal. I could walk back to the door to our room and, right outside the door I could pick up FeverFrida. FeverFrida does continuously monitor and store baby’s temperature so once I was in range of FeverFrida all of the data was sent to my phone. It was nice to see the data but, had Baby Sister’s temperature risen to the alarm point, no alarm would have sounded until I was near her again. I found myself constantly going back toward our room until I could see her temperature. This is definitely much better than waking her to take her temperature, but does leave some room for improvement. If we slept in a different room I do not think FeverFrida would have given me piece of mind throughout the night.

Because FeverFrida uses bluetooth, which is said to be safe, I would not use FeverFrida for days on end. FeverFrida recommends using for less than 24 hours at a time. Seeing as my babies have only had a fever a few times in their lives, FeverFrida is an excellent tool for me. I am not sure how I would feel using FeverFrida routinely, but then if my child had fevers often FeverFrida might bring me added piece of mind.


FeverFrida is on the high end of the price scale but, when compared to other instant thermometers, it really is not that expensive. To be able to reliably see what baby’s temperature is, especially at night, without having to bother baby or wait for the thermometer reading is well worth the cost. If baby is in a separate room you will not be able to receive alerts should baby’s temperature reach a high level. But you can see the entire night, or days, worth of temperatures, which you can not do with any other thermometer. You do need to be within 10 feet of baby to receive the data. Personally I think the positives outweigh the negatives and would strongly suggest the FeverFrida.

You can purchase your FeverFrida iThermonitor online for $64.90 and a pack of 10 FeverFrida Adhesive Patches for $6.99. You can find FeverFrida at Target, Buy Buy Baby, Walgreens and select local stores.

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