February Pre School Trays First Two Weeks

I have been doing some pre school trays with Bunny for a while now. Some call them tot trays. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you would like. The great thing about trays are they can be customized for your child! On a good month, I like to switch out her trays every week or two. I try to switch them out before they become boring for her. The trays are great for Bunny, who is 3 years old. We do our trays together, which gives us some good one on one time. When she has the hang of the tray I can let her do them on her own, which gives her some nice time to play alone without her Baby Sister, 10 months old, bugging her.

This week we have a heart counting tray. I printed off some hearts that are rather large on card stock paper.  I then used some heart stamps to make the hearts different. We are working on numbers 10-20 so our hearts go from 1 to 20. The #1 heart card has 1 heart stamp, #2 has 2 and so forth. Along with the heart cards there are heart beads that I found at the dollar tree. Bunny puts one heart bead on top of each heart stamp. She can count them, she can look at the numbers. She loves this tray!

Our second tray is a wipe and clean mini book from Usborne books. This book is the ready for writing book and comes in the Getting Ready for School Wipe Clean Activity Pack (comes with four books and a pen and is $19.95) I really love this book. It is a dry erase book that is easily cleaned. I have the book, a dry erase pen and a cloth in this tray. Bunny can write on the book and wipe it off when she is done. This book works on straight lines, curves, triangles, squares, waves and more. This book helps her get ready to write. Bunny can do this on her own and I can also do this with her. She likes it when I try to trace the lines as well.

Our third tray is a very neat activity. Bunny received this as a gift for her birthday and is loving it! I love it too! It is the Learning Resources Super Sorting Pie. This sorting pie is so much fun! Bunny can sort by color, fruit, shape, and numbers. There are so many different activities to do! This comes with two tweezers that are great for little hands. Bunny can do this on her own or with me. Baby Sister can play with this as well as the pieces are not super little that she would choke, but are little enough she needs supervision.

The fourth tray is Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards. This has a few different shapes and patterns for Bunny to make. She loves making them all on her own. I supervise and help her but this one she loves to do independently.


Those are our trays for these first two weeks. I will switch them out at the end of the week! Check back next Monday to see what our new trays look like!

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