Fancy Handprint Turkey Craft

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! My kids LOVE to do crafts and have been begging me for a Thanksgiving craft. I decided to do a twist on the handprint turkey. Here is our Fancy Handprint Turkey!

You will need

  • paper
  • pen/pencil/crayon
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • feathers
  • paint and paintbrush

First you start with a blank sheet of paper.

Place your child’s hand on the paper and trace it.

Next cover the palm area on the paper in glue. Glue cotton balls to the palm of the hand.

Paint cotton balls any color you would like. All one color or each a different color.

Next glue feathers to the four fingers.

Finish the turkey by painting the thumb as the head, adding an eye and a gobbler.

Ta da! You have made a Fancy Handprint Turkey!


These are pretty easy and you can make them as fancy as you would like. Here is my 4 year old’s turkey.

And my 2 year old’s turkey.

It’s all about the creativity!

What do you think?