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Have you ever struggled with a wiggly baby, making it impossible to get them dressed? I know I have! EZ1Z is a onesie with no snaps, which makes it easier and faster to get a wiggly baby dressed. EZ1Z was designed by a dad who was frustrated with snaps on onsies.  EZ1Z has no snaps and is super easy to use.



EZ1Z comes in many different designs and colors. You are sure to find a design you love! EZ1Z is manufactured right here in California! (I love products that are made in the USA!) EZ1Z is made of breathable rayon spandex which is very stretchy and flexible. This allows you to easily and quickly dress your wiggle worm. This is also easy to wash, which is a must for any baby product!

Bunny couldn’t wait to get her hands on her EZ1Z 🙂 Back view of EZ1Z

To dress your baby with EZ1Z you simply put the shirt over their head like any onsie


EZ1Z before legs are dressed.
EZ1Z before legs are dressed.

Then slide baby’s feet into your EZ1Z. No snaps, no fuss!

Elastic opening on the back of EZ1Z.

EZ1Z is available in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months and 12-18 months. Bunny can easily fit the 12-18 month size. Because EZ1Z is stretchy Bunny is able to wear them longer than a traditional onsie. Bunny LOVES her EZ1Z. I love how easy it is to get her dressed. EZ1Z is SUPER soft.

Bunny is wearing the blue War Birds on the left and the pink To The Sea on the right. I really love the designs! Bunny loves them too. She constantly asks to wear these “outfits”.  You can buy EZ1Z online for $30. There are currently 26 designs to choose from.


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