Eleven Weeks Pregnant

This past week has been crazy busy! My 3 1/2 year old and 18 month old flew with me to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo. It was a long flight and once we made it to the hotel Baby Sister threw up on me. As we were checking in. So not a fun day! My best friend flew in to help with the kids during the show which made it so much easier. The days were long and full but I enjoyed my time! My nausea was not intense, maybe because I was busy all the time. The day we left Vegas I must have eaten something bad for lunch because on the flight home I threw up. So not fun. That was my first time throwing up on an airplane and my first time throwing up this pregnancy. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again! So far so good. The next few days we all caught up on our sleep. This week passed by quickly! I am nursing Baby Sister, 18 months old. It is going well. I have not noticed a decrease in my milk supply. It does make clothing difficult. I am slowly moving into my maternity clothes, which are not breastfeeding friendly. And Baby Sister nurses throughout the day. And all night. Between nursing and getting up to pee I do not get a ton of sleep. Welcome to parenthood!


Exhausted. Nauseated still. No cravings, only aversions, to everything. No weight gain yet but my body is definitely adjusting where the weight is being carried!


Nothing. I want to eat nothing. This makes life a little difficult.


Everything. Nothing sounds good. I want to never eat again.

What do you think?