Eighteen Weeks Pregnant

Eighteen weeks, one week closer to meeting our baby! We find out in a week or two if this baby is a boy or a girl! I am assuming baby is a girl because we already have two girls. Bunny, 3 years old, says this baby is a girl. My OBGYN said siblings under the age of 5 are typically correct on guessing the sex of the baby. I will be shocked if this is a boy! My pregnancy is going well. I do have a lot of pelvic pain this time around. I try to ignore it. I see a chiropractor every two weeks and that helps. I am learning to use my legs together when I get out of bed and off surfaces. I try not to do stairs, especially with weight, like carrying my kids. This seems to help. Baby is favoring my right side and I feel her move often!


Pelvic pain is still there. My belly is getting bigger! I love feeling her jabs and kicks. They are happening more often.


Turkey sandwiches still. I can not get enough! Which is good because there is protein in meat. I try to eat it with avocados and spinach. I need to gain weight!


Cooking meat still. And certain smells. Nothing consistent but when it happens it is intense!

What do you think?