Eight Weeks Pregnant

Eight weeks! One more week closer to meeting our baby! I flew to Sacramento this week for All About Baby’s World Extravaganza. Flying while pregnant with two kids is not super fun. Did I mention I was also sick? Luckily I am feeling better. It was a short flight and the kids did great! I am EXHAUSTED! I can not sleep enough! I am up to pee all the time and Baby Sister, 18 months old, nurses multiple times a night. Co sleeping, breastfeeding and pregnancy are making this mama tired! I am able to nap most days when Baby Sister naps, which helps a lot. I know the fatigue will only get worse! No doctors or midwives appointments this week. I do see my OB next week and might get to see the baby! I am doing concurrent care, seeing both an OB in the hospital and a home birth midwife. I am doing this in case I transfer I will be a known patient, and because my health insurance covers all my OB visits. I do nurse Baby Sister on demand, multiple times a day and night. I do not plan on weaning and there is no medical reason why I should wean. I do have milk, in fact my supply has increased since being pregnant. When I was pregnant with Baby Sister I nursed Bunny throughout my pregnancy. Around 14 or so weeks my milk supply lessened but that did not stop Bunny from nursing. I am interested to see what happens with my milk supply this time around.


Similar to last week. Nausea. Sensitive body. Fatigue.


No more taco bell! Nothing happened, I just dont want it anymore! Chinese noodles are a strong craving as is In N Out. I am still not cooking very much, but luckily I have been on vacation and have been able to eat out for most meals which means I am always eating my cravings! My morning sickness has all but gone away this week! Maybe it is gone for good?!


Smells still. I know this wont go away for a long while!


What do you think?