Eco Friendly, Non Toxic Grab Green Room and Fabric Freshener Review

Grab Greens Room and Fabric Fresheners look different than most room and fabric fresheners. The bottles they come in are eco friendly stainless steel and the spray nozzle is very different. I have seen many room fresheners in an aerosol can. I try not to use aerosol cans as much as possible. They are incredibly hard on our environment, and I do not like the scent they leave behind. I LOVE that Grab Greens Room and Fabric Fresheners are not in an aerosol can!

All Grab Greens Room and Fabric Fresheners are made with essential oils as well as safer man made ingredients. These man made ingredients are derived from citrus pulp and terpenes, which are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many plants and flowers. All of the ingredients are listed on the bottle and their website. The ingredient list is short and to the point. You do not have to wonder what is in your Grab Greens Room and Fabric Freshener bottle.

The scents are strong without being overwhelming and have no secondary after scent. I have tried the Red Pear and Magnolia and the Lavender and Vanilla. I only need 2-3 pumps to completely cover a large room. The scent lasts for hours and does not leave behind an odd after scent. I do not like an overly smelly room, and love that just a few pumps gives me a good, solid scent but does not overwhelm the senses. If you like a heavier scent, another pump or two might do the trick. The Lavender and Vanilla is a heavier scent in and of itself. The Red Pear and Magnolia is a lighter scent, but still covers the room well. I would love to use different scents for different seasons. Grab Green currently has a decent amount of scents to choose from.

I have a smelly house. I am constantly trying to find ways to keep the smell at bay. Between the dirty diapers, the dogs and cats, and the scents of different foods cooking, I want a pleasant odor to be present. Grab Greens Room and Fabric Fresheners have provided me with an eco friendly, non toxic way to scent my home without compromising my health or the health of my children.

I have used Grab Greens Room and Fabric Fresheners on a few blankets that I did not have time to wash. While it worked well, I prefer to remove odors via washing. I would recommend using Grab Greens Room and Fabric Fresheners on items you can not wash, such as seating and rugs. The scent is pleasant and lasts a long time.

You can find Grab Greens Room and Fabric Fresheners at Target and online at Grab Greens Room and Fabric Fresheners come in a 7 ounce bottle and retail for $5.99 a bottle. The bottle does last a long time, a little goes a long way.

What do you think?