Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle Review And Giveaway


I was so excited to try for an HBAC with Baby Sister, I wanted to make sure I had all the right things for postpartum care. Earth Mama Angel Baby makes it easy to be sure you have everything with their Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle. What is inside the Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle? A whole lot of good stuff! There is Mama Bottom Balm, New Mama Bottom Spray, Postpartum Bath Herbs, Morning Wellness Spray and Organic Monthly Comfort Tea. All of these products are toxin free and rated 0 on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.


The Mama Bottom Balm that comes in the Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle comes in a 2 ounce container. Mama Bottom Balm is great for hemorrhoids, postpartum vaginal swelling and bruising, perineal tears and episiotomies.  Mama Bottom Balm is 100% natural. Mama Bottom Balm is toxin free, paraben free, and has no artificial preservatives or petroleum by products.Mama Bottom Balm feels GREAT on my lady parts. I didn’t tear or have an episiotomy, but I did have swelling and tenderness. Let me tell you, Mama Bottom Balm is great! Mama Bottom Balm is very easy to apply and immediately feels cool and tingly, in a very very good way. I did not store mine in the refrigerator, I was afraid I would forget it, and it felt great! I can imagine it would feel even cooler if it had been in the fridge. If you don’t use all of your Mama Bottom Balm during the post partum weeks, no worries! Mama Bottom Balm is wonderful for under eye puffiness, sunburns, shaving rash and razor burns as well as swelling from waxing.

I have heard many great things about New Mama Bottom Spray. I was very excited to try it! Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle wouldn’t be complete without New Mama Bottom Spray! New Mama Bottom Spray is a soothing, cooling perineal mist that helps ease discomfort. New Mama Bottom Spray is great for hemorrhoids, postpartum swelling and soreness, and episiotomies. New Mama Bottom Spray is made with all natural ingredients and contains no parabens or artificial preservatives. The best part is, New Mama Bottom Spray comes in a nifty bottle that allows you to spray it upside down! I can spray my tender parts as often as I need and never have to worry about holding the bottle upright. I have been using this daily, almost hourly, since Baby Sister was born. My bottle is not empty yet! If I do have any leftovers, New Mama Bottom Spray is also great for sunburn relief, puffy eyes, aftershave, toner, swimsuit chafe, razor burn and bug bites!

I have heard Postpartum Bath Herbs are magical. I was thrilled to see Postpartum Bath Herbs in the Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle. Postpartum Bath Herbs are USDA Certified 100% organic and are non GMO project verified. Postpartum Bath Herbs are great for prenatal and post partum hemorrhoids as well as post partum bruising, swelling, tears and episiotomies. Postpartum Bath Herbs will help reduce swelling and speed up the healing process. There are two ways to use Postpartum Bath Herbs. You can moisten them and freeze them. Once frozen you can lay them against your tender parts, much like a padsicle. Later, you can use Postpartum Bath Herbs in a sitz bath. I did not use my Postpartum Bath Herbs iced, but I did use them in the bath! My bottom felt MUCH better after using Postpartum Bath Herbs. The great thing about Postpartum Bath Herbs is they are already bagged! There was no messy clean up of loose herbs and no measuring anything. I simply heated up my water and tossed in a Postpartum Bath Herbs bag! There are 6 Postpartum Bath Herbs bags in a box.

Everyone could use a little pick me up, especially in the post partum period. Morning Wellness Spray, which comes in the Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle, is the perfect pick me up! Morning Wellness Spray is an uplifting, pregnancy safe aromatherapy spray. Morning Wellness Spray is not just for pregnancy and postpartum! Morning Wellness Spray is great for motion sickness, the flu, cranky babies or children, as well as anyone who is nauseated. Morning Wellness Spray is also great to spray on sheets, in the car, in or around the diaper pail, anywhere you need a little pick me up! Morning Wellness Spray smells great! Morning Wellness Spray smells of citrus and a very slight scent of sweetness.


Also included in the Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle is Organic Monthly Comfort Tea. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea is certified organic by Oregon Tilth, non GMO project verified and is certified kosher by EarthKosher. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea is not pregnancy safe, but is great for post partum as well as during a menstral cycle and is safe to use while breast-feeding. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea helps ease cramping and helped me feel like I was pampering myself. Organic Monthly Comfort Tea is great immediately post partum (I must admit I did not do this, I was too tired at 1:45 in the morning!). Organic Monthly Comfort Tea is recommended immediately after birth and 3-4 times a day for a week. During a menstrual cycle, drink as often as needed! Organic Monthly Comfort Tea tastes of comfort. With red raspberry leaf and a hint of cinnamon, Organic Monthly Comfort Tea tastes like a hug. I can imagine curling up with a hot cup of Organic Monthly Comfort Tea whenever I am feeling down.

You can buy each product separately online, or you can purchase the Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle online for $55.95. arth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle is currently on sale for $47.95!


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