e-cloth Kitchen, Bathroom and Window Cloth Review

Cleaning is not my favorite thing to do. I do not like using chemicals to clean. They smell and can be harmful to the environment and my families health. My baby and toddler get into everything. The least amount of dangerous chemicals in my house, the better. I love that e-cloth allows me to clean my entire house without using any toxic chemicals. e-cloth removes dirt, grease, grime and over 99% of bacteria! Because e-cloth uses water, it eliminates the risk of sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes, asthma and inhalation of chemicals, fragrances and dyes.

e-cloth has a wide range of products to clean every surface of your house. The most used room in my house is my kitchen. The appliance I hate to clean the most is my stove top range. It gets dirty, really dirty. Things get cooked on, stuck on. Grease gets all over it. I use my stove top multiple times a day. I need to be able to clean it easily and safely. The e-cloth Range and Stovetop cloth makes it easy to quickly clean my stovetop. The e-cloth Range and Stovetop cloth is double sided. One side is smooth for to clean the dirt, grease, oil and mess. The blue striped side is for scrubbing. This side is perfect for the cakes on, baked on messes. When my pot boils over, my sauce gets stuck I use the scrubbing side. The e-cloth Range and Stovetop cloth is tough on dirt and gentle on the surface of my stovetop. I have an electric stovetop. The e-cloth Range and Stovetop cloth does not scratch the surface, but does remove all the grease and dirt.

The room I hate cleaning the most is the bathroom. So many things to clean, so much mess. The e-cloth Bathroom pack comes with two cloths, the Bathroom Cloth and the Glass and Polishing Cloth. The Bathroom Cloth is perfect for every surface in my bathroom. From the sink, the counter to the toilet and the shower, I can use my Bathroom Cloth on all of these surfaces! It’s great on the all glass shower enclosure many people have, from what I know, and it makes sense. The Bathroom Cloth can be used dry to wipe up wet messes. I like to spray down my shower then scrub with the Bathroom Cloth. For my toilet and counter I get my Bathroom Cloth wet with warm water, ring it out so it is damp then scrub away. I do not need to scrub much at all. A good wiping motion cleans my bathroom really well with the Bathroom Cloth. When I feel like my Bathroom Cloth is dirty I run it under hot water, ring it out, run it under hot water again, ring it out again then it is ready to be used!

The Glass and Polishing Cloth gives me a streak free clean on my mirror. I love how easy and simple it is to clean my mirror with my Glass and Polishing Cloth. I also use the Glass and Polishing Cloth on my counters to give them a nice dry shine. I use the Bathroom Cloth damp then use the Glass and Polishing Cloth to pick up any extra moisture. I also use the Glass and Polishing Cloth on my bathroom fixtures. My faucets, my lighting fixtures. I get a great, streak free finish with the Glass and Polishing Cloth. The Glass and Polishing Cloth is meant to be used dry. I never use mine wet.

I also received the e-cloth Window Cleaning Pack which includes a Window Cleaning Cloth and a glass and polishing cloth. The Window Cleaning Cloth is the perfect way to clean windows with a streak free finish! I wet my Window Cleaning Cloth and ring it out. When it is damp I wipe down my windows. This is perfect for my house windows and my car windows. I use my Glass and Polishing cloth to get a streak-free shine. Even though I am impressed with the results, it doesn’t fix the issue that I am neither a speed demon when it comes to window cleaning nor am I able to clean all of the exterior windows, especially those out of my reach. I think perhaps the services of businesses like the Window Cleaning People may be ideal for me and certainly others too who want to give the exterior of their homes that extra sparkle – that all-important curb appeal!

I love that when I use my e-cloth cleaning products I do not have to use harmful chemicals. This goes for all my household materials. Especially when I go to clean my windows, how can I miss out my shutters? They gather so much dust. It’s good for these mainly because mine are like the plantation window shutters London companies offer which are wooden. They are beautiful and bespoke so the e-cloth makes sure I don’t ruin them. All I need is water. I can let my 5 year old and 2 year old help me clean without having to watch their every move. They love helping and I love how easy e-cloth makes cleaning for all of us! I also love the savings my household receives by using e-cloth cleaning products. I no longer have to spend money every month on chemical cleaners or paper towels. Most household cleaners are not good for your health or your house. Many of the cleaning products you can purchase in the stores have cancer causing agents, cause breathing problems and reduce the quality of the air inside our homes.

Cleaning all of my e-cloth products is easy. I wash them with my towels and dry them in my dryer. No special care is needed. I use dryer balls, I do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. You do want to avoid using dryer sheets and fabric softener when washing your e-cloths, but you should avoid using those at all times. e-cloth is guaranteed to last through 300 washes.

You can purchase your e-cloth Range and Stovetop cloth online for $7.99. You can purchase your e-cloth Bathroom Pack online for $14.99. You can purchase your e-cloth Window Cleaning Pack online for $14.99. ecloth is also available at Ace Hardware. Visit the Ace Store Locator at www.ecloth.com to find a store near you

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